From the rural network of six months to see the effectiveness of agricultural electricity supplier R

May 26, 2016, leading the new agricultural electricity supplier of the new rural network formally launched. Today, the township also from the new power delivery network when the electricity supplier of agricultural products field grow as a foothold in Hunan, radiation China "a tyrannical". It should be said that the vigorous development of rural goods network, the agricultural industry is folding the Internet in the Chinese market prospects.

a, agricultural products also need "Star"

as everyone knows, the quality of agricultural products, there has been "difficult to buy goods sellers, more difficult than the dilemma. The reason is that there is information asymmetry between producers and consumers. Where is the most delicious apple? Where is the most nutritious meat red dates? Where the most authentic? These problems, in fact, have only one answer, that is "the geographical indications of agricultural products".


in China, many ethnic diversity, vast territory and abundant resources, products and food, has created countless with regional characteristics and unique product category, category and characteristics of flavor food. Geographical indications of agricultural products, agricultural products refers to the mark from the specific region, the quality of its products and related features mainly depends on the natural ecological environment and historical and cultural factors, and the characteristic agricultural products geographical name naming mark. Compared to those stars in the entertainment industry, geographical indications of agricultural products is the star of agricultural products.

at present, rural goods net selection of agricultural products over 100 kinds of landmarks, including the local Hunan there are nearly 30 kinds, such as Yiyang, Changde, Jingzhou waxberry soil egg selenium honey and so on, the quality of agricultural products, welcomed by the fans and praise xiang. These geographical indications of agricultural products, not only is the business card, but also China’s business card, they have a natural broad market, but also an important cornerstone of the achievements of today’s rural network reputation and brand influence.

two, there are feelings of the enterprise will grow up in the user’s company

in Chicken Soup for the soul, "do not have the first, can do only" argument, however, is different from the person to do business. In the minds of consumers, often only the first, no second. For the majority of people, the first may be common sense, but second is useless cold knowledge. Now, in the Chinese electricity supplier of agricultural products brand, just in a "and" no leader in contention of a hundred schools of thought "," situation, this is a good opportunity for the rural goods net talent shows itself.

Since the first half of the township

network line, has been adhering to the public health life partner of the company vision, and strive to become a symbol of the public in the field of agricultural electricity supplier brand. All of the consumer demand as the starting point, to build an excellent health service enterprises. Whether it is from the company’s philosophy, brand culture, or product production or selection, as well as close communication with the customer, the rural network of the team are striving to achieve excellence.

is precisely because of this, the township cargo network in just six months, the accumulation of a large number of high-quality rural pink members, they are not only a loyal buyer of health food and food products, but also often given

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