The rebate type MLM crash consumption is money the temptation to burst

: "consumption capital" theory or misinterpreted the originator of MLM?


an avalanche is taking place in a class of e-commerce companies who, or is dressed in the cloak of electricity supplier companies.

this kind of "electric" almost every enterprise to the rise of a few years ago the "consumption capital" as the "Bible", with this theory to the people of publicizing, shouted "consumption at the same time also can make money, buy more and more dividends continue to return," or even "consumption 500 back to 500" the slogan, to a large number of people get rich dream quickly and their pocket money.

but in a recent period of time, this kind of enterprises have been investigated throughout the business departments of public security, and return type MLM truth gradually in the world, "consumption capital" as the originator of theory of rebate website, but also controversial.

Domino fell

"I thought of home shopping network will fail, but did not expect to collapse so fast", China MLM volunteer website founder Lingyun told reporters. In June 11th, a full rebate mode for Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd operating mode (shopping) on suspicion of the crime of organizing and leading MLM is investigation. The "million shopping" that consumers buy 500 yuan of goods, you can get 1 bonus 1000 yuan is 2 right, the right to dividends, dividends and so on, every day up to 1 yuan rebate. If the consumption of 500 yuan a day may receive $1. From a theoretical analysis, 500 days later, consumers will be able to recover all consumer spending. The results of many businesses pay only 16% commission to 10000, but by friends and relatives account false trading, get high rebates. Finally, the capital chain broken million shopping.

"million shopping" was handed down, but a part of the Domino process.

April, the Pacific direct purchase network was investigated, the relevant responsible person was arrested on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities.

April, the newspaper reported the Shanghai imperial Agel Ecommerce Ltd to "consumer pension" as the slogan, the alleged pyramid scheme by the police investigation, the company.

May, Fujian hundred percent rebate network collapse, chairman Guo Chuanzhi at large.

in June, "the Wenzhou business alliance" crash, "the boss run away"; Fujian "million shopping" closed down, the boss himself……

suspected pyramid schemes, invariably become the biggest reason for the collapse of these sites. "Consumer rebate in the name of cry up wine and sell vinegar MLM involving about 200 billion, Chinese MLM volunteer website" 2012 Chinese consumer rebate mode investigation report "in the case said.

some of the rebate site in trying to distance themselves from the

In addition to

have been inspected and clear the shopping and 100 percent, the imperial family and other web sites and companies, as well as >

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