The state promulgated the online commodity trading management on the impact of college students onli

decided in March 15th to implement the "Interim Measures for the management of online commodity trading and related services" provides that individuals should be registered on the Internet real name registration, should also apply for the registration of industrial and commercial registration. Draft stipulates: natural person engaged in commodity trading and related services through the network, to provide trading platform for network operators to apply real name registration; with registration requirements, it shall apply for business registration.

would like to graduate only a few months after graduation in the Internet above mixed, looking for a few jobs I did not go, just want to do something on the internet. Just started selling computer accessories online do not know will not earn, but that is the interest to do. However, shortly after the domain name policy came out with Baidu, Google event. It’s not the time for me to feel. However, I did not give up, so looking for a number of digital sources, apply for Taobao to start my trip to Taobao. 3 months later, but the supplier is better. Through a series of promotion finally can eat a meal. The original name of events let me lose confidence to make money to do business has not in the past, and now a network commodity exchange management regulations.

do not know if the country has issued a number of college students on the Internet business network management policy? After all, students start low, and the low cost of online entrepreneurship for college students is no better. I hope the government can relax the policy of college students entrepreneurship. Not to say that one entrepreneurial drive 3 jobs? We are all college students to start a business, the government should also support a yes! (source: small scare) please indicate the

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