Used car electricity supplier subsidy enclosure Beepi mode difficult to replicate in China

quietly, second-hand car electricity supplier began to become popular in china.

The long process of traditional

and the high price of second-hand car trading, is perhaps the rise of second-hand car electricity supplier in the traditional second-hand car trading mode, small and medium-sized car business plays an important role in the middle of the series, a second-hand car trading center may handle 4-5 car dealers; after priceincreases, consumers get the second-hand car prices high water.

Internet’s biggest advantage is the ability to integrate information, Bian Pinghua." Cai Xu, co-founder and vice president of NetEase, said. So, the second-hand car trading platform, whether it is like the car easy to shoot, shoot this excellent letter B2B or enterprise, like all cars, large search vehicles such as C2C entrepreneurs, hope through the Internet can effectively reduce the intermediate link of second-hand car trading, the sale of the car to get the best price.

Market: how much potential

from the market environment, Chinese second-hand car trading has just ushered in the explosive growth. According to the China Automobile Association statistics, the first half of 2014, the second-hand car trading volume reached 2 million 820 thousand, an increase of 12.8%, the transaction amounted to 170 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 22.88%; it is expected that in 2020, Chinese will achieve 40 million new car transactions, second-hand car, car sales ratio will reach 1:1.

and the used car market in the United States is even more amazing. It is understood that the proportion of new and used car sales in the United States is 1:3, about 10 million new cars a year, while the second-hand car can reach up to 30 million.

in the used car electricity supplier, although the size of China’s trade is also growing rapidly, but the electricity supplier market share is still small, only 2% of the total volume of the market. According to iResearch data show that the first half of 2014 excellent letter shot, the car is easy to shoot, instant film, happy to help sell cars and other electricity providers to achieve a total transaction size of 4 billion 700 million yuan, turnover of 82 thousand vehicles, more than 50 thousand units this year the size of the transaction last year.

in the industry view, the market potential is far from being developed.

status: burn the market under the war

The wild times

as the original electricity providers started, with the number of participants, the second-hand car business platform appeared "burn grab market share war.

is currently the dominant B2B mode in the second-hand car business transactions, this is mainly because: in the closed car link, the car is easy to shoot and shoot excellent letter and the source of the vehicle large – – 4S shop has good cooperation, you can get a large fixed source of cars, and ordinary consumers of second-hand car and do not understand, so in general the second-hand car through the second-hand car dealers and consumers.

in the two, the car is easy to shoot into the field of second-hand cars earlier, and now covers 22 provinces, nearly 6000 car companies in the city of more than and 100. According to Cai Xu revealed that in September the car easy to shoot >

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