Suning Appliance electricity supplier crisis is not the nternet thinking

coming stormin. In 2012, Suning has no luck, in the A stock market "thriving" has appeared in the history of the biggest decline: Suning shares from the issuance to August fell 40%. While the first half of the 30% decline in profits also make Suning headache. And this upheaval is seen as the transformation of Suning Appliance will bet on the road of e-commerce.

Suning facing attack: domestic trouble and foreign invasion nationwide 1000 large appliances store, due to the huge impact, e-commerce consumer demand, the local supermarket department store and back falling dilemma; with the traditional single store business model is different, as the debut of only 3 years, relative to the Amazon Jingdong, Tmall, etc. Chizha electricity supplier years competitors, is still only a young player "".

can not be ignored, in the face of the line storefront line optimization, the expansion of the scale, Suning compared to single business enterprise demand for funds is more hunger, and Jindong 5 billion 700 million equity pledge by Suning stock fluctuations and risks.

line store bloated development limited

performance in the first half of Suning Appliance is very disturbing, Suning first quarter report is expected to change the net profit margin of -10% – 5%, semi annual report shows that in the first half net profit fell by about 30%.

Suning Appliance Store

decreased profitability so that Suning had to slow down the pace, according to Suning announcement shows that the first half of Suning China in mainland, Hongkong and Japan market has a total of 1728 stores. Suning stores in the new year is only 4.

home appliance chain stores increased by simple expansion scale and financial development of the mode to the limit, according to the relevant research institutions, Beijing appliance stores have more than 30% home appliances chain stores at a loss. Gome (micro-blog) and Suning semi annual earnings report shows the characteristics of the decline in household demand: by the impact of property regulation, the overall downturn in the home appliance market; the face of the impact of the electricity supplier to the line, companies need to transition.

Suning’s 1728 stores in the store is a single product of the 90%, which requires a large body slimming. According to Suning Appliance announcement, Zhang Jindong borrowed a fixed capital increase of not more than 1 billion 787 million for chain stores.

Suning began a full range of operations for their own, trying to get rid of the identity of a single appliance chain, the transition to an integrated channel. In addition to online electrical appliance, according to Tencent technology understanding, Suning will start to make snap line Storefront for rectification, the first line of "Suning" to remove the LOGO appliances, to "Su Ning", increase the children’s playground, cafe, written to improve the store environment in the shop, the daily expansion Department category.

although the acquisition of Suning Tesco official, will absorb some of the department management experience, but the rectification of 1728 stores not only long and need a lot of liquidity. And in front of the eyes, with the home appliances for

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