Talk about the micro electricity supplier community operators the rough and effective details of win


] May 19th news billion state power network, WeChat public operations began to receive widespread attention, "micro community" has become another field of electricity providers gathering users, but how to cultivate this land has become a lot of electricity providers and brands of confusion. Billion state power network to several days ago in the micro community operation Xiaoyouchengjiu business enterprise to understand some operational experience and actual combat experience.

from the development of members to precipitation member

for micro communities, different companies have different positioning. On the 7 day of 7 Days Inn WeChat public number "(now renamed" platinum Tao ") operator is responsible for Xu open view, WeChat is a member of the development platform, and micro communities can be used as a platform for members of precipitation. According billion state power network understanding, platinum Tao will present the total number of fans has reached 1 million 400 thousand, micro community visits in total around 440 thousand.

member policy change is a highly interactive topic

The main location of

tourism social networking site of micro cellular ant communities is to interact with fans. Micro community to the public account ‘one to one’ way to push the information into a fan of ‘more than’ communication mode, the real value lies in the ability to add public numbers interactive." WeChat mafengwo public number mafengwo travel Raiders "responsible person told billion state power network.

the person in charge, the ant nest at the end of 2013 the opening of the micro community, but there has been no effort in operation, starting from March this year, officially began operations mafengwo micro community. At present, the total access to mafengwo tourism function micro community has reached 2 million 238 thousand, more than 10 thousand of the number of topics.

ant cellular micro community


Teaser trick

users of different enterprise types will be excited about different content. According to the cosmetics brand WeChat PBA public operations director Zhou Ronggui, solicitation topic, caused widespread Tucao topic, obscenity topic is most likely to cause the attention of space. However, in these ways, he bluntly, the most direct and most violent, but also the fastest way is to have the benefits of rewarding activities".

but in the mafengwo side, slightly different. Ant cellular travel Raiders operation is responsible for that, is not the best way to drive prize users, interesting content or allow users to obtain certain information, reach certain objectives (such as travel, friends) content, users are more willing to actively participate in.

7 Days Inn WeChat users are more concerned about the policy situation, according to Xu said the opening, member policy adjustments, the content of the class will be easy to participate in the activities of the micro community will easily lead to micro interactive user. For example, the last 7 days will be renamed platinum Tao, and released a series of new policies, user feedback is very much.

in order to "tease" users, encouraging users in the community with more content, enterprises need to set up and down enough effort on the topic. Zhou Ronggui told billion state power network. "

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