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days ago, as Sichuan and the west of the largest and most influential auto parts logistics market, Sichuan jinhengde Auto Parts Logistics City in the three phase of the project will be officially launched, this is not only the jinhengde one or two project development and operation has strong proof of great success, and with the upgrading marks after the car the industrial market will soon enter a new stage of development.

Jin Hengde, the three phase of the project is what the new ideas in the design, planning, investment and operation? The future will be for businesses and create new business owners and consumption patterns? With these questions, the Chengdu Daily reporter conducted an interview with the Sichuan Jin Hengde auto parts logistics city general manager Mr. Chen Weixiu.

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Zhejiang jinhengde group as the domestic auto parts supplies logistics industry leader, has been committed to the development and cultivation of the market after the car industry in Western china. According to Chen Weixiu introduction, 2008 Jin Hengde settled in the location, Shuangliu, planning, design, construction and investment etc. every link introduces advanced concepts from the eastern coastal areas. Since its official opening in 2010, there have been 506 merchants settled, settled rate of up to 84%, ranking the leading level in the same area of the market.

Chen Weixiu told reporters Jin Hengde, a project started construction, or around the vast farmland, poor infrastructure. However, with the gradual construction of overall planning covers an area of thousands of acres of Sichuan jinhengde auto parts logistics city and put into use, the surroundings have changed. The reporter saw in the area around the Jin Hengde project, the surrounding restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, service industry has begun to take shape, logistics companies and bank branches are dotted. Chen Weixiu said that the overall development of Jin Hengde double after the completion of the project, the business and service industry practitioners are expected to reach thirty thousand people, will be on the surrounding area gathered popularity, stimulating business opportunities to play a pivotal role.

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will be officially launched the three phase of the project, said Chen Weixiu said that Jin Hengde will be in the basis of summing up the experience of one or two successful development and operation, pay more attention to functional zoning and layout of the project investment, at the same time, from the eastern region to introduce more Automotive aftermarket industry quality resources, to further promote the benign development of the brand business.

Jin Hengde three phase of the project will be auto supplies as the focus of investment. In the project planning and investment policies on the automotive supplies business to be tilted, aimed at the majority of the owners of Sichuan to create a new one-stop auto supplies consumer service platform. In addition, Jin Hengde in the operation and management of the three phase of the project will also vigorously develop two wholesalers and retailers channel, by virtue of their brand, consumers and businesses between customers play an important role as a bridge and link.

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