WeChat payment mobile nternet payment system challenges

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soon heard Alipay transfers to charge a fee in the traditional Internet, so many loyal users of Alipay feel very sad, because once the free meal can not enjoy today, but Alipay is not a stick to pay free shot, as long as the user can transfer to the mobile phone terminal payment, can also enjoy free to pay treatment, but when people have managed to develop the traditional Internet payment habits, but because the charge less cost ratio is transferred to the mobile phone side seems to have a lot of users can not be reconciled, and so the consumption, and even less pay do not pay, it keeps a space.

in fact after ten days of the implementation of the new Alipay, the number of mobile Alipay account increase is not so prominent, this shows that Alipay in the traditional Internet terminal fee payment plan effect is not so obvious, so Alipay will not be used to increase the charge ratio of forcing users to transfer to the mobile terminal from the current point of view tool? The payment from the third party has now Alipay is just look at fiercely as a tiger does, a huge user base relying on Taobao and Tmall, not because the payment of charges and make a new start.

but if Alipay pay increase, which is bound to forced users to transfer other payment, even choose chinaunionpay, that Alipay’s monopoly will pose a threat, and the reason why Alipay is now in dilemma, precisely because WeChat payment system limit, which subverts the entire mobile payment market.

WeChat paid spoiler role in the mobile Internet was


has been able to pay a huge threat to Alipay in the mobile terminal, because WeChat also has a huge user stickiness, and WeChat can be a complex itself and social and commercial users, chat on WeChat at the same time, see which love things through WeChat purchases, the need to develop hand in hand three important aspects of payment, the business platform and the integrity of the system in the traditional Internet architecture can better promote the development of the electricity supplier, but on the WeChat platform, WeChat has the payment function, then we can integrate these three aspects together easily. This is clearly an important threat to the mobile electricity supplier.

Ali now in the mobile business development is only the traditional business model to mobile Internet only, and no subversive updates, of course is just so, because Ali has over more than 50% of the market share of monopoly, still occupy dominant position in the mobile Internet on Alipay to pay but, this position is because WeChat has threatened, because WeChat and other electric products have quite different properties, and behind the gangster level is more beautiful when mogujie.com said, be not of the common sort, pose a threat to Taobao, the ban can rapidly reduce the beautiful and the influence of mogujie.com, but now even ban WeChat in fact, there is no point.

because WeChat can

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