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without light mouse, small earrings bracelets, large cars can buy houses. Online shopping has become more and more people’s spending habits. However, along with the more and more trap of false propaganda, goods not board, network, fraudulent phishing sites, often make online shopping family property inadvertently lost two, also leaked the identity card number, bank card number and password, personal information, after repentance. We will continue to track the online shopping trap, money making way secret "black", an example of online shopping.

from the Guangzhou Consumer Council data show that since January this year, received a total of 453 cases of group buying, of which there were complaints cases of 245. City Council to remind consumers, in order to improve the success rate of rights, consumers should pay attention to ask for an invoice, save chat records, SMS message ordering evidence, to put forward evidence of rights in the event of a dispute.

"I was at this club spa, only 100 yuan, why price today showed the group purchase is 428 yuan in hand? This is false original." Tianhe District Zhu day prior to the new express reporter rebellion, put forward their own doubts when the group purchase.

reporter survey found that the original price to ninety percent off, eighty percent off, or even less than ninety percent off of ultra low discount to attract consumers, gathered popularity, has become one of the unspoken rules of the industry buy.

group purchase price and store price not much difference between

reporter opened Miss Zhu sent to the site to see, handle network is being launched in the purchase of Jinsha Bay leisure club services. Enjoy 24 hours with top luxury spa packages "1 copies of the original price of 428 yuan, is now down to 75% off, only 108 yuan, including the net mulberry (original 158 yuan), 15 hours of mahjong room (270 yuan) or KTV (270 yuan), KTV limited to 10 or more people can be combined use.

Miss Zhu said he was very familiar with this shop, and friends often come to this consumption. She told reporters: the net price of 138 yuan sang, not $158. More than 10 people to the store consumption, itself will be removed from the KTV and mahjong room, this is not to discount some group purchase."

she also believes that even if there is no such concessions, the original price of the handle network is also suspected of high. KTV real requirements of 10 and above (that is to buy at least 10 copies) to the average consumer, after each price should be 27 yuan; accordingly, 270 yuan of mahjong room, need 4 people to buy 4 packages that can only be used after all, price should be 67.5 yuan. So count down, buy discount greatly reduced. But only to buy a copy, you can not use the mahjong room can not use KTV room, you can only enjoy the net sang."

reporter called the leisure club confirmed that the club customer service staff told reporters that the net price is 138 yuan sang sang. Buy packages, this part of the original price of 158 yuan, elevation of $20. Customer service staff also said that if the 10 peers, non KTV group purchase can also be removed from the room.

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