By the era of nternet users and game makers feel excited

door event recently in the Internet to users, but not lonely, because we can not have Internet users entertainment, where there is a spoof spoof, where there is a push, the Internet recently once again set off a new Internet Language: "by × ×". Such as "donation, was promoted, and was missing, Dutch act is mentally ill, is voluntary, is being tested, employment, turnover, Internet addiction",…… A multitude of names, and so on, this is not the only one.

today we will talk about Internet addiction and tested these two new network terms, we should first talk is about addiction, Internet addiction in China we must admire the professors, according to online media, Internet addiction treatment standards group initially identified more than 40 hours a week online "can be considered the diagnosis and treatment of Internet Addiction, Internet addiction is" the standard is expected to introduce this year. A message, the network industry in an uproar, the netizens have posted work schedule according to refute, 40 hours, many working people are "Internet addiction".

not only that is behind the Internet addiction also brought out a series of social problems, such as being friends nicknamed Dr. Yang Yongxin sheep beast called shock treatment of addiction, youth addiction was called off by beating death etc..


game" test "has recently become a network of hot words, it is reported that this is the" Internet addiction ", netizens again contribution to chinese. The spread of hot words, but also makes many online media and game manufacturers excited and disturbed. Let us know what is called "test", according to my understanding to be tested is the origin of a web game, it is reported that in August 4th, the web game industry giant 51wan 10 million 100 thousand to sign "the legend of martial arts" 2 global exclusive agency, has attracted more attention at home this news, even the 51wan quickly closed beta, August 11th 51wan forced the enthusiasm of users has withstood the pressure of beta, according to media reports 51wan officials said in an interview "2" is the legend of martial arts test.

of course, if a game can be requested to test this is a good thing, but if a game is not yet mature, this is a very responsible thing, of course, I can’t go to the suspected 51wan operation ability, after all it can in such a short period of time, of course it is measured their truth is perhaps the heart, the Internet has some users questioned this problem, the author is the author think to be too complex.

from now "" era we can look in the distance we are now one hundred and fifty years ago, a British writer named Dickens wrote in his "Shuangcheng mind": This is one of the best years, is one of the worst years of the classic charm from its universality, even in more than 100 years from now, and still is a cute flower bloom. In this "age" sweetie "

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