Yi Xun renamed shop one legal representative is Liu Qiangdong assistant

August 4th morning news, according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system (Shanghai), Shanghai icson e-business company limited in July 29th this year has been renamed the Shanghai zhiao Shop Information Technology Co. ltd..

also in July 1st, the legal representative, manager of the company for the record by Xie Lanfang were changed to heavy, Zhang Liu Qiangdong; investors (shares) by the Tencent digital (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd and Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. and Shenzhen city PAIPAI Information Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen City Star Tongchuang Science and technology limited company, Tencent science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. changed to Shenzhen city PAIPAI Information Technology Co. Ltd; at the same time, the types of enterprises from the limited liability company (natural investment or holding) changed to a limited liability company (natural investment or holding corporate owned).



prior to the end of June, the Jingdong announced that it had reached the depth of strategic cooperation with WAL-MART, also announced 1 store will be incorporated into the Jingdong’s. At that time, there are analysts said the number 1 in the cooperation of the store and the fast and easy in 2014, and said the shop is likely to go on the road of easy fast 1.

, however, at present, the parent company of 1 New Zealand sea information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has not changed the legal person Wang Road, the type of enterprise is still limited liability company (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao legal person owned).


Yi Xun network renamed shop one, may mean that one day the Jingdong will be its pat, Yi Xun, shop No. 1, such as electricity supplier business integration.

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