Rain and snow weather promoting high enthusiasm for online shops

the large range of snow, traffic is inconvenient, many businesses feel the decline in business days, but cold weather and double business. "These days outside the ‘activities’ affected, I just can make more time to study and research in the online shops, expand business scope." In Hebei Baoding Mei did not let yourself idle, laughing from the Internet for Southern businessmen can find spring.

Mei is a big Baoding production of vegetable greenhouse flower seedlings and greenhouse accessories, to supply flowers and vegetable greenhouse material farmers around the area. Even the day Blizzard makes local greenhouse grown greatly affected, Vegetable & Fruit class sale prices continued to rise, the market supply can only rely on foreign aid. Mr. Mei seeing is due to snow benefits, but suffer from local greenhouse material demand is cold down. Said not to worry is false, offline business temporarily deserted, so the business moved online.

has always been to online sales promotion is tasted, do not have the patience to engage in such a "virtual" online business, Mr. Mei had to calm down to carefully study. Most B2B shops in thunder and the same, and charge a lot of fee, not sure there are no effect which means that most users need to pay a lot of risk.

days of online search, in Guangdong "300 yuan a hundred responses to a single call 3 months of trials, have the effect to consider doing the formal member of VIP activities by Mr. Mei note. After the phone to understand, the original B2B search engine launched a program called "a hundred responses to a single call one hundred yuan experience win sales activities, develop prosperously in small and medium sized enterprises. The extension service guarantee is 300 yuan can enjoy 3 months a hundred responses to a single call VIP extension service, during a period of 3 months if through this service business, feel the promotion effect, then decide whether to apply for official VIP membership.

this network to promote the experience of commitment is not ambiguous, the risk of small and medium enterprises online investment greatly reduced. Especially in nowadays everyone gathered purse spending period, to promote and save at the same time do my heart. Mr. Mei immediately enrolled in the experience of winning a hundred dollars campaign.

Mr. Mei

the name of this abacus: 3 months probation time just across the winter to the Spring Festival, this time it is the North snow period. But he speculated that, as he did know how to use the network to reduce the difficulty of traditional business owners, but also in a small number of. So we must first participate, with shops optimization promotion and so on provide professional services during a hundred responses to a single call at the same time, always concerned about the retail background change, seize opportunities.

in any case, this year through the northern winter cold impact on business, so shrewd businessmen obviously several more confidence.

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