Juilly Ge women how to integrate women’s clothing industry e-commerce industry chain

Ge women’s line has been three months, when the domestic B2C website in those with vigour and vitality to smash advertising, increase traffic and sales at the same time, Rhee women insist Ge wholesale and distribution agent network entity. From the point of view of sales monthly increments, Rhee’s monthly turnover of Ge is not a bit than those monthly on the hundreds of thousands of retail mall less advertising. Now, B2C on more and more intense competition, want in the crevice for survival and development, it is imperative to differentiated business model. From his pavilion operation dress is not difficult to see, the biggest advantage of ruiyige is to use the least resources to integrate the whole industry chain of women.

currently has a certain size of the vertical class B2C sites are gradually go down in the department store mode, and then a few years the Department Store class B2C website competition pattern should be qualitative. Because the department store B2C site needs to have sufficient funds, as well as the accumulation of resources. But more optimistic about the future development of vertical B2C class website. The vertical B2C must be in the industry to establish barriers to competition, intensive and meticulous farming, we must integrate the industry chain of e-commerce industry, formed a complete industrial chain of clothing. To integrate the industry chain, the future of the B2C site " Online + line " combined model is a must.

clothing industry in China has developed nearly a thousand years of history, the accumulation of cultural heritage and added value is unmatched by other industries. The clothing industry products covered although not much, but want to do all these types of clothing, but it is not an easy task, even some type of clothing to the degree of difficulty is not small, such as casual wear, fashion and underwear etc.. The clothing industry has all kinds of consumer groups, when people buy clothes, more than a single piece often buy clothes, is to buy a set or several sets, which is related to the relationship between how to collocation, how to solve the above problems by B2C, two women’s court website juilly worth reference.

first how to integrate the supply chain, Rhee Ge clothing wholesale (www.raylipf.com) located in the store and wholesale shop agent, to store wholesale customer orders a large amount, but the customer number, customer service staff’s Ge Rae put forward the customer advisory services programme on a continuous order, wholesale customers rate has reached about 70%. The shop agent, we have developed a new agency terms, in the new terms of the agency, the agents of our clothing not only enjoy the right to a permanent agency, we can also have a certificate of authority. This measure not only strengthened our agency group, but also increased our sales rate.

how to do online shopping experience for consumers love to buy a sweet girl’s brand does not require the number of product types, but the quality of the market strategy, the beginning of the proposed only sell boutique positioning. Ruilishow all women are rare in the market, and are personalized with the characteristics of goods. Compared to other B2C class website huge customer service system, ru>

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