Large scale domain name to review the new nternet nterconnection

days ago, the reporter learned from the Beijing kuancom network technology limited company, in an ICANN survey domain data (Whois) notify accuracy, Xinwanghulian immediately for the about 300000 domain name database management of its large-scale review work, and quickly deal with a number of false violations of domain name. At present, the relevant work is nearing completion, the majority of the domain name has been the name of the domain name has expired or has been processed in accordance with the relevant provisions of ICANN. The new Internet network vice president Mr. Yang Guofu said, Xinwanghulian has been actively promoting the domain name database review work, hope to work together with the ICANN, to jointly promote the accuracy of the database domain name, domain name database by means of the comprehensive review, to ensure the interests of users, to create a healthy green civilization network environment, and user acceptance the supervision.

in this regard, experts believe that the domain name database does not exist in the exact domain name for the Internet field is a relatively common phenomenon, from a technical perspective, any service providers are difficult to effectively control. In addition to providing registration in the application of some inaccurate information, used in the process of information (such as telephone, office address change, etc.) will cause differences in the domain name database appears, bring inconvenience or loss to the experience of Internet users. In addition, due to the geographical, cultural and other factors of the huge differences, but also will cause the difference between ICANN and domestic domain name service providers on the understanding of the domain name. The future hope to maintain smooth communication and exchange between domestic service providers and ICANN, but also the needs of enterprises and individual users to work together hand in hand, multi domain market accuracy of common norms, so as to ensure the interests of all parties.

it is understood that the new network has adopted the form of customer service for 7*24 hours, any user found Xinwanghulian domain name management system under the false name information, can at any time for feedback or complaint to Xinwanghulian, Xinwanghulian after receiving feedback information, will immediately launched an investigation, and in 5 working days for processing. Here, as a leading Internet service provider, Xinwanghulian called for the majority of users, found to be untrue in a timely manner to the domain name domain name management service providers put forward the complaint, together with the service providers to promote the development of China’s Internet healthy green civilization.

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