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in the hearts of every designer has a brand dream, it can be gorgeous, can be simple, can be a dream…… But not every designer, will pay the action, do everything to build their own brand empire. Pat micro shop founder of "Purple charm" Tang less stubbornly to bag full of preference, abandon the well-known advertising design company office, opened his own business dream journey.

just over 2 years, purple charm has achieved annual sales of 26 million results, and the creation of a subsidiary of the brand Bens Jiaos, ZIOMEE. Next he hopes to use the micro pat shop, the purple charm to further enhance the brand visibility, and gather more love purple fans, and they exchange collision, to design more suitable for Oriental women’s noble fashion handbags.

Behind the faithful love

purple Charm

purple charm founder Tang Shaohe his wife violet beauty love marriage after the start, but experienced hardships and the bottleneck of development, gradually kill each other’s feelings in the tedious affairs and fierce business competition, the meaning of life began to blur, and the two of them lay down specific affairs, open to find a journey of self, roaming to the Western Sichuan Plateau, the plateau of Meconopsis – elves found inspiration, two people’s sentiment, finally understand each other, don Shaosuo is the pursuit of beauty in the world is not some purple break God’s persistence and firmness; purple beauty lost woman is as the purple goddess of his solitude. Originally, the woman can not lose the most is the beginning of the heart, is a graceful and unique attitude to live. Two hearts because of beautiful and noble luronghao and close again and moved. Therefore, two people were purple goddess as the foundation, established the "Purple charm" brand.

purple charm brand was founded in 2012, has launched a series of purple bags, they embody the Oriental women’s elegant quality, independent personality and the pursuit of a beautiful world of self-worth.

"we love purple, we hope to make more friends through our design." Tang Shao said. Although already has nearly ten like-minded designers, and color management can easily achieve turnover doubled, but Tang Shaohe still insist on operating only beautiful purple purple bag, which allows them to miss a lot of users, but to many soulmates must harvest.

pat micro shop seeking salon

is due to the lack of friends to do business in the mood purple charm, so he has long been aware of the importance of the mobile Internet is WeChat social platform for the spread of the store. In 2012, he began to use social tools to manage fans and diversion PC side. At that time, by sending a movie ticket, point praise and other activities, and soon the rapid growth of fans. After a year of operation, only the end of the wireless side of the turnover exceeded 1 million, becoming a pillar of his several major electricity supplier platform.


social platform is particularly important for us this niche designer brands, then has not launched WeChat to pay, but we are often loyal users of WeChat and love purple communicate and >

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