How should we understand Wangzhuan

actually mentioned Wangzhuan, many people say is MLM after watching operation mode. Congratulations, you understand the basic rules of the market, but to tell you whether or now we hear the direct marketing, is a way of enterprise’s market operation, they have in common is the product directly to consumers, rely on interpersonal relationships to accomplish the sales of the products, can easily take this product to sell of course, acquaintances to sell acquaintances to sell, which is why many enterprises should choose to do direct sales and marketing operation of the market, of course, in the mode of operation of the two Chinese market needs to have certain audit mechanism. Perhaps some friends will ask why the government should Chinese against pyramid schemes, tell you Chinese punished by the government organization, those who pull the head no products rely on people to profit, the organization operation mode is the form of marketing, so now we heard that there was a natural pull off the assembly line the reaction – marketing. The essential difference between them is a regular MLM company is to sell products, from product sales in the spare part of the profits to pay for consumer use, which is intended to allow consumers to use good products but also allows consumers to earn money. You say that such a mode of operation, is not to keep their own customer groups are not taken away by peers.


direct marketing and traditional marketing have what distinction, tell you that after the traditional way of selling is the factory production, mainly rely on the general agency for, and then find the general agent in the subordinate agency, subordinate agents looking for distributors, distributors are sold to consumers, so that consumers from the factory after a lot of profit the merchant, which is part of the profits are to consumers, we are accustomed to, so few people on these things. Direct marketing and direct marketing is the manufacturer directly to consumers. To tell the difference between direct sales and marketing, they have in common that we all already know, direct selling is every consumer manufacturers are facing the equivalent of a general agent of their own, can be based on personal identity to retail, but individual (not the enterprise) not to buy consumer profit. MLM and direct marketing, the difference is that as long as consumers will have profit extraction. These are just some of the views of the individual, there are a lot of classification did not explain, but also hope to be able to guide the master.

is now in the Wangzhuan, we should be able to understand now why there are a lot of people to pull off after mastering the basic knowledge of the above, this mode is the direct or pyramid schemes, some people will certainly ask the Wangzhuan what is legal? I tell you, until now the country has not yet introduced a Wangzhuan the legality of legal provisions, but I can certainly tell you to Wangzhuan is to provide individuals with a rich opportunity, so there is no spirit of adventure is best not to do. So here what Wangzhuan is very important for everyone, if which day the market is the Wangzhuan national attention, will introduce relevant measures, and then there will be a number of felled Wangzhuan do for a long time, some people will come to naught. I own a couple of years

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