Vice president of the handle network Niu Lihua innovation and brand leading precision marketing

2012, will be a gradual return to rational electricity supplier year. In January 12th Adworld held the 2012 World Conference on interactive marketing, handle network vice president Niu Lihua said, the electricity supplier enterprises should rationally treat the cost of marketing promotion, reasonable planning goals and capabilities.


handles network had a large place online ads are called burn." Niu Lihua disagreed, is to handle network marketing strategic planning, not in the group purchase site large-scale is consumer awareness, a lot of ads is to enhance brand awareness, leading to the effect of First impressions are strongest.

in Niu Lihua seems, how to do the best marketing effect is the need to buy the site research topics. When the net value of the handle to a certain extent, the network began to handle precision marketing to promote sales, including cooperation with the navigation site, the handle network sales channels have been greatly improved."


figure: Vice President of the handle network Niu Lihua (China)

addition, Niu Lihua pointed out that the group purchase industry if there is no continuous innovation, it is very difficult to survive in the fierce competition in the business environment, handle network on-line since that day, has always insisted on product innovation, technological innovation. It is understood that the user needs to handle network based on the research data, and recommend the "guess you love" for users to handle + new business, Niu Lihua also introduced, the user purchase behavior analysis, expand the product level can reduce the marginal cost, you can even find the brand appeal, seeking the core value in differentiation.

according to DCCI forecast, in 2013 China’s mobile phone users will reach 720 million, the number of mobile phone users will go beyond the computer users. With the trend of mobile marketing approach, handle network also try innovative advertising model in emerging media, the current "handle group purchase has been covering more than and 500 City daily, launched the more than 1 thousand phase of group purchase activities, handle coupons and order to support the" offline view ", the user can view the Internet group purchase activities, which fully embodies the mobile terminal convenience and advantage whenever and wherever possible.

if it is 2010 to buy the first year, then in 2012 should be the first year of O2O." Niu Lihua believes that it is trying to do outdoor advertising or TV advertising is as part of the brand, through various channels to increase customer perception of e-commerce brand, so as to narrow the relationship between brand and customers.

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