The Jingdong built direct mining base Vegetable & Fruit new attempt of fresh electricity

NetEase Francisco fresh electricity providers are aware of the importance of direct mining base model, yesterday (August 8th), a Jingdong based in Xinjiang Akesu direct supply base, Xinjiang melon, red dates, grapes and other products through the Jingdong platform from the fields are sold all over the country. Since last year, domestic electricity providers have increased fresh business. According to the NetEase of science and technology understanding, in the traditional super fresh category even important category also once considered together, are the last line of the traditional super. But now the electricity supplier through a variety of measures, has been able to see the dawn of profit in the fresh category.

Jingdong said that the future will strengthen cooperation with more than 50 enterprises in Xinjiang chamber of commerce. Jingdong mall will be the traditional business model of supermarket grafting over, can not only ensure the fruit quality and freshness, can also get the price advantage. Update the news is that Jingdong proprietary fresh category or will be formally launched in September this year. (Sun Hongchao)

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