Jumei.com rapid duty-free shops questioned coach wallet difficile true


wallet difficile trueJumei.com

was rapidly duty-free consumers questioned

dubious coach wallet

February 9th, Miss Lee (a pseudonym) in the official website of jumei.com’s rapid duty-free shops, at a price of 599 yuan black coach wallet. 599 yuan price so that Lee felt quite cost-effective, so a single purchase. Previously, Miss Lee was outside the coach store saw this wallet, then counters the price discount is about 1100 yuan.

February 25th, Miss Lee received a courier, but she found this wallet open, compared with earlier in the counter to see the thread rough, logo is not the same. As a result, Miss Lee has doubts about the authenticity of this wallet.

Miss Li recently in Dubai during the tour, the local coach to buy jumei.com counters in the wallet for inspection. Miss Lee told reporters, Dubai local coach counter sales staff told her, "This wallet is not true. This wallet is not genuine".

Miss Li after returning home, immediately made contact with jumei.com. Jumei.com customer service reply said, "the formal channels, is absolutely authentic". Then, Miss Lee said that he had to coach counter examine the goods, the other said "not really". After listening to the customer service, said it belongs to the third party in the United States and the United States platform for sale, so that the parties responsible for the contact with Miss Lee third.

Miss Lee then received a call from the third party responsible person. The responsible person said, the coach wallet is absolutely authentic, is bought from america.

"I remember when jumei.com merchandise page is displayed as" sales products are the direct mail ‘, but I buy the parcel was sent from Hongkong. Not only that, the more I get no defective wallet, warranty card, no genuine card information encoding, and the logo coach is also inconsistent with the counter. More importantly, coach counter sales staff also found the wallet is not genuine."

in this regard, the third party responsible person explained that the coach has two production lines, a counter line, a line in the factory, jumei.com is selling the factory product line. "Where do you go to check the goods, you open a false proof, and then come to me, I will find you open the proof of the shop, after verification of a false three." The person in charge said.

for the third party responsible person’s attitude, Miss Lee is not satisfied.

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