Malicious registered domain name mines you stepped on it

recently, Internet overlord battle climax repeatedly, without war, so I created a number of heroes and sweat. Who wants to get Internet overlord crown, the most basic condition is to register their own domain name. From the era of the Internet domain name hot sales of more than 1 million people, more and more people think this invisible on the Internet not resigned to playing second fiddle a huge business empire won a space for one person. However, when you register a domain name, you do not pay attention to the possibility of infringement, illegal, and how much do you know these


in order to help the majority of users to understand the common sense in this regard, the reporter malicious registration of domain names which conditions should be enumerated, so that we register the domain name, less detours.

"Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy" clearly stipulates the malicious registration situation: the following circumstances but is not limited to the following situations, such as the expert group that does exist, constitutes a malicious registration and use of domain name evidence: the main purpose of your registration or acquisition of the domain name is for sale, as a trademark or service mark in all the complainant or its competitors to lease or transfer the domain name and domain name registration, to obtain directly related expenses beyond the additional revenue; you registered the domain name in order to prevent all commodity trademarks and service marks are reflected in the relevant domain name of the trademark; the main purpose is to your domain name registration destroy the normal business competitors; to use the domain name means for commercial purposes, you through your web site or the sale of the business. Goods or services with the complainant in origin, trademark, or guarantor subsidiary sponsors the confusion, deliberately to lure Internet users visit your web site or even other machine address.

if you register a domain name with the above conditions, it will generally be identified as malicious. As for the issue of compensation, if you register the domain name is only the above malicious, it does not necessarily constitute infringement compensation.

"trademark law" article fifty-second, "one of the following acts are violations of the right to exclusive use of a registered trademark:


) without the permission of the trademark registrant, use the same or similar trademark on the same goods or similar goods;

(two) sells goods that infringe upon the right to exclusive use of a registered trademark;

(three) forged or unauthorized manufacture of another person’s registered trademark logo or sell forged, unauthorized manufacture of registered trademark identification;

(four) without the consent of the trademark registrant, the replacement of its registered trademark and the replacement of the trademark of the goods into the market;

(five) causing other damage to another person’s exclusive right to use a registered trademark." Only with the above circumstances, it may be related to the issue of compensation. If only the domain name is registered, and the domain name is not only connected with some trademarks, but also has a general vocabulary of linguistic meaning, the registration act is not necessarily caused by the action of compensation.

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