The construction and optimization of foreign trade B2C website as well as the construction plan of t

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teaches: "Forewarned is forearmed.", before doing a website, need to do a good job in all aspects of the business plan, do a site’s long-term plan, which is a prerequisite for the healthy and steady development of our website. This paper describes the construction and optimization of a foreign trade B2C website as well as the construction plan of the link outside the station, a total of your reference, there are also asked to make a bad place.

a, website planning

site planning is the first step, the planning of the content mainly includes 3 aspects: the site positioning, website structure, website content.

a site planning from the start position, so we need to give your website a clear positioning, clear "what can I do", "my service object is what", "what I want to do", the positioning of the site must be within the scope of their abilities, there must be a a very clear purpose of service.

is the location, we have to consider the structure of the web site, the website is made to consider what type, such as portals, forums, blogs, online, on these types of site selection procedures, the author simply introduces some for your reference: Portal: dedecms; Forum: discuz, phpwind; blog: WordPress zblog; ECSHOP, ZenCart: shopex, shop. These are relatively good web site system, we choose the time to choose the above on the line. Select the site infrastructure, then we have to do is directory structure planning site, planning to our website which is divided into several sections, which are to be divided into columns under sub section, do the site hierarchy. In this way, we will give their web site designed a whole framework, of course, a simple framework is not enough, we also need to design a website template based on this framework. Need to pay attention to the design of the template, the template style needs to be consistent with the theme of the site, not too fancy, the need for beauty. Template design should put the customer experience in the first place, from the customer’s point of view to design every corner of the site.

third steps to determine the content of the site. After the first two steps, we can clearly know what our website needs. The next task is to arrange for people to edit the content. The content can be the source of the library and the network information integration, finishing his hand now has data, because the search engines love something original, so we must think of a way to get the data into the original effect of content, of course after finishing the contents which can provide help to the user.

two, website construction and station optimization

do the site planning, the next is the site. As a result of a complete planning, so we will be faster. This part focuses on the website optimization. The station optimization need to "customer experience +>

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