520 Jingdong and Tmall battle sound NetEase koalas, the United States Sike

As one of the most important annual electricity supplier industry promotion node

, this year "520", Tmall, Jingdong, the two giants did not invest heavily, only opened up several small venues. But did not dilute the electricity supplier war gunpowder taste. The cross-border electricity supplier in the NetEase koala sea purchase and jumei.com as the representative of the "confession", become the protagonist.


United States close combat

also to import even maternal and beauty goods as the main promotional merchandise, jumei.com play "Kao diapers single package as low as 78 yuan, a loss of" the promotion slogan. This car is the koala sea purchase "trench fill 300 million", the same brand of diapers package price is down to 39 yuan, only half of jumei.com. At the same time, through a detailed comparison found that both maternal and child supplies or beauty skin care products, most of the goods purchased by the koala sea compared to competitors have a clear price advantage.

from the category view, mother, beauty and light luxury are the focus of both sides, although the koala sea purchase because of the late start, the overall abundance is less than jumei.com, but the development speed is quick. The two sides have launched promotions, the venue around 10, also has to throw off the other platform.

analysis pointed out that the NetEase and jumei.com will transition the lock in the direction of cross-border business, 520 Tat price competition, but the two sides long prelude "racing", while the future competition is more comprehensive.

three months ago, jumei.com founder Chen Ou in the internal mail that is pushing the cross-border business, "the United States has 1 billion burning", the top also recently publicly, to become the first brand of cross-border electricity supplier. The NetEase CEO Ding Lei also recently made it clear that the goal is to buy at least 80 percent of the sea to become the country’s first three self powered electricity supplier. Thus, the two sides will be close to the contest.

1 billion jumei.com capital can burn


from jumei.com disclosure, in order to speed the duty-free shop floor, 1 billion yuan of capital reserve will focus at warehouse logistics construction and price subsidies. At present, it has a warehouse in Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, overseas warehouse is also in the pipeline, the rapid expansion is bound to bring the same burn rate. According to some business executives say, with same investment under the original capital of the Jingdong in the warehousing mall, "only in warehousing and logistics, the United States 1 billion is not enough to burn", and even Jingdong also have to face the problem of profit of high costs. Coupled with the cross-border electricity supplier itself is also to solve the international segment of logistics, warehousing and other issues, so both in terms of capital or technology needs to invest more resources.

in addition, the price war continues to heat up in the background, jumei.com through a large number of price subsidies, at the expense of profits in exchange for market to achieve rapid scale strategy also faces greater risk. "Before the listing is to achieve 8 consecutive quarters of profitability, jumei.com told Wall Street investors the most touching story, profitability is the capital market had recognized the United States.

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