Electricity supplier into the countryside is not easy to face the three obstacles

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The village is almost all recent

electricity supplier companies are considering even implement things, iron brother can really see many eleven home electricity supplier whitewashing advertising. Jingdong, Ali, part of the county country please go to Hangzhou meeting Ali a few months ago, a few days ago and in Zhejiang county will grow up, gain a large potential. Rural electricity supplier can really be so easy?

business enterprise into the rural areas is essentially the city electricity supplier user growth bottleneck has emerged, the new platform for user growth has stagnated, so we see that almost all platforms have to do a lot of work in the deep user can this year, especially in the large number of Jingdong and Ali according to a number of initiatives, one after another from the customer demand for electricity supplier transformation take the initiative to push the customer demand for electricity providers. But because of the limitations of big data platform in the docking integration, the establishment of data model data, the current data for the electricity supplier real contribution has not yet started, so we have to look to the vast rural market. But iron brother believes that the business enterprise is a joint called into the rural areas that easily, want to succeed must break off the following:

1 user off

although the rural population, but a large part of the population is yet to be electric active users, even without net users. The majority of young people have been working in the field of rural school, adult labor force of migrant workers, leaving only the elderly and children left behind, this part of the user can be converted to electricity users very little.

although many electricity supplier companies believe that migrant workers in rural areas will bring back the concept of electricity supplier back to take root, and for example, a large number of rural electricity supplier good case. But we must not treat the case as a trend to treat, the attractiveness of the current countryside for young people in the weakening, although there are some reflux but most will choose to work in cities and towns closer to home. Eleven iron brother back home, the 7 Chengdu primary school playmates in part to settle down in the county and the surrounding city to buy a house.

but we do not have to be too pessimistic, rural users are sensitive to the price of electricity suppliers to activate the favorable conditions. This iron brother back home in the town to find a special store to buy electricity supplier, electricity supplier boss selected high quality and inexpensive products for customers to choose, then the boss will buy all kinds of products, only charge a $two or three fee to buy. Chinese electric low price strategy is not a small attractive to users in rural areas, iron brother and boss chitchat also understand that now many housewives are accustomed to large supermarkets goods, then write down the product name choose to buy online.

but after all, is the strength of their own folk to do, and its efficiency and quality are much worse, electricity supplier companies to enter the countryside how to use a fast and a good way to activate the user education is particularly important.

2 logistics

rural population is large, but because of the population is not a small challenge for logistics. The rapid development of urban logistics in addition to urban transport facilities, the biggest advantage is that the pattern of the city decided to buy online

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