For the first time open network Taobao membership registration free login mechanism

Taobao member once registered, two identities!

this year, Taobao 145 million members will not need to register, you can directly log in e-commerce platform outside Taobao shopping!

it is understood that the recent Taobao opened an external website Taobao membership free registration login mechanism, and the first cooperation between enterprises is the largest e-commerce software and service providers ShopEx. Any member can from Taobao dual core in ShopEx’s shop "shopkeeper" a shop for direct shopping. This is the first member registration free login mechanism open to the external website, which proves that trust and sincerity of partner ShopEx, also marks the further deepening of bilateral cooperation.

Since the advent of the

store manager has been widely sought after Taobao seller, its original "dual core" e-commerce technology to realize the synchronous operation and management of Taobao stores and independent shop, and provides the whole network marketing tool "net world", to solve the worries of many sellers.

On the basis of

, ShopEx and Taobao by many sellers and discusses in-depth communication, found that the store manager has many potential value of mining. For example: the seller’s customer resources and optimize the end customer shopping experience and other aspects. To this end, ShopEx two upgrade to "store manager". (

please follow the author together to see the updated "shopkeeper" is how to introduce the seller massive Taobao Taobao open membership, membership shopping convenient ways.

Taobao members free registration landing, simple and convenient

online shopping is a relaxed and happy things, of course, should not be bound by some unnecessary "unnecessary and overelaborate formalities.". For example, the lengthy registration procedures, cumbersome login verification process, complex shopping steps, etc.. After the upgrade of the "shopkeeper" to save 145 million Taobao membership this pile of troublesome thing, online shopping in the simplified procedures at the same time, also to enhance the friendly interface of shop.

if a customer shopping is already a member, so in any store manager an independent shops will no longer need to be registered, you can directly use his Taobao account login the shopkeeper store shopping.


customers click Taobao member login, the page will automatically jump to Taobao’s member login page.


"in login", the page will automatically jump back to the "shopkeeper" independent store page, then make it can fully enjoy the convenience of shopping.

in addition, the upgraded "store manager" also opened the background order change function, the user can store palm >

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