Yahoo foreign trade marketing China’s first conference is about to begin


overseas "win" pin, Yahoo (YAHOO) native advertising a trend which cannot be halted

with the explosive growth of the mobile Internet, the Internet era of media communication behavior is changing. As a product of the mobile Internet – native advertising, in the mobile internet marketing sector continues to highlight the advantages, in 2015, the global media industry burst red. In 2016, the native advertising forecast to reach 5 billion 700 million in the global advertising expenditure, and in the next two to three years will become the mainstream of China Mobile advertising, known as the main force of mobile advertising launched in 2016. In the face of such opportunities, native advertising media – the world’s largest Yahoo platform (YAHOO) native advertising, has reached 1 billion 200 million monthly active users, active users reached 600 million mobile, monthly tracking APP number 800 thousand, number 2 billion and other mobile devices, in the United States, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and other countries, the total UV beyond Facebooks, Yahoo has become the main foreign trade advertising Nuggets overseas marketing tool. Therefore, the overseas "win" pin, Yahoo (YAHOO) native will be a trend which cannot be halted.

YAHOO native marketing Youdao

to YAHOO native marketing Youdao as the theme of Yahoo (YAHOO) foreign trade marketing conference in China is about to debut. Yahoo will join Tianqing in Chinese organized two large-scale Teamtop, conference, April 13th, will be held in Shanghai foreign trade marketing conference China first Millennium Hongqiao Hotel Ballroom A, April 20th will be held in Southern China’s first foreign trade marketing conference at the Westin Guangzhou.

industry marketing elite gathered to share YAHOO native new opportunities

The conference invited

Yahoo Asia Pacific Advertising Solutions vice president and director of Yahoo’s general manager Wang /Erika Wang, Tianqing tiantuo group general manager Wang Wenbin /Michael, and the big coffee industry site through the Internet / mobile marketing to expand the global market share wonderful. The conference will lead the new situation of the main business you understand Internet plus time Yahoo will be how to lead the advertisers to open overseas mobile marketing, foreign trade business and marketing Yahoo in the eyes of the road, looking for answers to help advertisers analyze foreign trade export marketing problems, let the brand and products "win" sold to the global market


tonking tiantuo, power Denver overseas marketing

Yahoo as the conference co organizer, Tianqing tiantuo group is Yahoo (YAHOO) Chinese only authorized agents, is a professional mobile Internet integrated marketing service providers, integration of global tier mobile search platform, mobile social networking platform, mobile platform, information flow of mobile DSP platform, APP platform, mobile advertising alliance overseas etc. the layout and scale of operation, for the domestic and international finance, games, APP, electricity providers, brand advertisers to provide the most professional ">

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