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B2C independent shop in recent years has been in a stage of rapid development, my shop as the country’s first independent free online shop platform has been assisting the development of independent B2C shop. B2C website is changing people’s online shopping habits, more online shoppers want to buy some goods in some professional brand shop. It also saw B2C shop has a good prospect.

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shop manager who reaction in "my shop", they want to set up the independent shop, is to have certain degree of traffic. Opened a shop manager in Taobao have had this experience, there are some difficulties to retain customers. When the store goods need to adjust the price, it will lose a large part of the customer. Because customers can see the same information in other shops in a shop, the price war can not fight.

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shop on my shop platform to sell more types of retail B2C. The prospects for the development of B2C retail industry, most can not be ignored, the Department as an example, a general merchandise supplier a year capital turnover rate of 3 times, with each capital turnover can generate 25% of the gross profits, the supplier can make a gross profit of $125% a year. But if the network retail operations based on network, the turnover rate can be increased to 25 times a year, but also can save manpower and rent cost.

B2C shop has a bright future, there are many manager who stood outside the B2C feeling, looking for a free and safe way to. Shopex’s my shop specifically for e-commerce entrepreneurs to provide independent online shop platform. Free registration will have their own shops, it is suitable for small and medium enterprises and individuals shop. "I shop" has taken 230 thousand member army, visible free shop is a shop manager B2C convenient ways.

recently, my shop held a promotion to earn gold and will be carried out to share the domain name of the two activities for the B2C independent shop to increase the East wind. The manager who can promote their own independent shop and know the top-level domain name and other information, you can get the corresponding reward points to exchange. The popularity of B2C more independent shop knowledge, do not let more prospective manager who come outside look into the distance. This is for the development of independent shop, the East is well deserved.

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