Ali or hit the third quarter revenue growth slow and Jingdong competition will intensify


Phoenix Technology News Beijing on January 26th news, according to Reuters, according to Thomson Reuters, Chinese giant Alibaba group is expected to have a record since the slowest quarter revenue growth. Analysts said that in a more difficult economic environment, the slowdown in revenue growth will allow Ali to compete with Jingdong.

According to a survey of 28 analysts by Thomson Reuters

SmartEstimate Ali, third quarter revenue growth is expected to be 26.6%, which would be the slowest pace since Ali began to publish the data from 3 and a half years ago, and analysts of Jingdong revenue over the same period 47% to 51% growth expected. Jingdong’s revenue growth is also the company’s slowest growth since the release of this data.

Ali and Jingdong refused to comment on earnings before the release of the silent period.

"when the market started to slow down, you can see who is the real winner, who is the real losers," consumer intelligence company Bomoda CEO Blaine · Buchwald (Brian Buchwald) said, "I think they need to focus on the direct competition between each other."

Jingdong focused on the more affluent shoppers in China’s big cities. This strategy may be effective in China’s economic growth last year, the slowest pace in 25 years.

although the two companies in the calculation of total merchandise trade (GMV) on the use of different methods, but last year the first 9 months, Jingdong GMV increased by 82%, while Ali growth of only 34%, which means that Ali is the loss of market share.

earlier this month, Ali CEO Zhang Yong said the company will focus to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou Chinese "frontline" city. Prior to this, Ali has said to vigorously expand China’s rural and overseas markets. Zhang Yong also said in a blog, Ali seeking to improve reputation and optimize the user experience, in order to retain and win more users.

for Ali, this may be a difficult task, quality problems still plagued the company. In contrast, Jingdong with fast delivery and quality assurance in these cities occupy a place.

Jingdong’s delivery speed faster than Ali, the quality is more reliable, "working in the Beijing science and technology venture company saey · (Zoe Li) said Li.

last month, Ali’s shopping site has not been included in the United States, the sale of fake "malicious market" list, the company has appointed a new head of counterfeiting. (compiler / Xiao rain)

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