Valentine’s day love to sell domain name has reached 5600 yuan

Spring Festival, Valentine atmosphere quickly concentrated up, all kinds of holiday gifts have been listed, with flowers of love scene also began to frequently staged. However, yesterday, the reporter in the network found a netizen in selling expensive "sweet domain, claiming to love no danger of anything going wrong.

reporter then entered the eBay, the Internet users to see the auction is a "" domain name, meaning "my dear, I love you". Auction information said, the world’s only sweet domain name has become the best way of love in 2006, and the auction records show that the auction price has reached 5600 yuan.

in order to explore some of these strange behavior, the reporter contacted the auctioneer through the network. Engaged in the design process of the auction is a founder of the young men, he told reporters that the intercourse with his girlfriend for many years, the annual Valentine’s day to send flowers and chocolate, feel monotonous, girlfriend also some "cold". After the Spring Festival this year, he saw the "send him / her a CN domain name for Valentine’s Day gift" campaign on a web site, eyes bright, immediately to the company registered in the name of a "", we are going to make a web page above these years and his girlfriend love course put up, also for this to the end her these years of marriage this year.

"will succeed." Li expressed confidence. After ready the gift, Li believes that this is a good way of love, and immediately registered another "" domain name on the Internet auction, this new way of sharing and other people, to increase the income of creative way. This is a sweet name selling the scene.

reporter learned that in Sina and other online shopping mall Valentine’s day, the couple’s.Cn domain name has become a new gift is recommended by the merchant. With the value of life preservation and use value, become the name of the couple named after the.Cn domain name selling points. Random interviews found that many young couples in this way are interested, especially in many college students who also have a soft spot for the. Foreign invested enterprises in the Cao Yu said: "Valentine’s domain name idea is very attractive, can say diamond is forever, my domain name can also be forever ah, I feel able to express my love to my boyfriend in this way, effort is very touching!"

Shanghai Network Engineer Wang Zhigang told reporters, technically speaking, domain name is only a Internet address address correspondence to solve a problem. Can be said to be just a technical term. However, because Inter-net has become the world’s Internet, the domain name has naturally become a social science term. Domain name has become an integral part of the Internet culture.

from the business point of view, the domain name has been hailed as the company’s "online trademark". No one does not attach importance to

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