After the listing of Jingdong refining strategic rhythm

After the listing of

, Jingdong apparently accelerate the rhythm. A unified signal transfer from there include CEO Liu Qiangdong, senior executives, listed just let this home appliance giant spent the venture "wilderness" period, but still have to maintain a high degree of entrepreneurship. He (referring to Liu Qiangdong) always said that the Internet industry, subversion is happening at any time." Li Xi, vice president of Jingdong.

Jingdong began to refine their strategy of rhythm, a very obvious change is the overall architecture, it is divided into "four carriages": Jingdong mall currently is still the focus of the core business of the whole company, pat and finance to the strategic business, and the recent frequent media exposure of overseas business is set to prospective business.

but no matter how the layout of the Jingdong’s business changes, we will always focus on the electricity supplier business, and related business expansion and extension around it. In fact, the growing demand of users is prompting us to develop new business types, of course, we hope to achieve one-stop shopping experience." Li Xi said.

Jingdong want to become "omnipresent", is the only electricity supplier in the business, it will expand the business category in desperately, physical, virtual, and local life service business in the expansion, but also the channel sink to three line city more, to cover more people.

and the coordinates of the two most important axis of the composition of the system seems endless, for Jingdong, each new business model can not simply copy the experience. Not to mention such as finance to start a new business, so from a certain perspective, the listing is more like a starting gun to Liu Qiang East and Jingdong.

and Jingdong still coveted overseas market. "Liu has been a dream, is to Chinese quality and cheap products to sell to the world. After the completion of the listing of Jingdong, in accordance with market capitalization, has become the world’s top five electricity supplier companies, we have a higher goal." Li Xi said.

expansion category, fashion

August 18th film director center, with "Shang · Jingdong" as the theme of fashion autumn fashion Show is not like the hand of a Internet Co. Jingdong has invited hundreds of well-known fashion brands to show their new products, and fashion group’s "bazaar" reached a depth of cooperation. This show than the previous first attempt to have a more mature, not only more brands to participate, but the key is the Jingdong’s brand tonality and clothing category in the beginning.

in fact, as of June this year, there are about 2 clothing merchants settled in Jingdong, turnover in the first half of the year in the growth rate of each category is far ahead. In September, the launch for male users "Jingdong’s festival", the sales performance is surprisingly good, such as outdoor brand toread (300005 shares) of the sales increase was about 5 times than usual.

it is no exaggeration to say that this is a strategic product

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