Grassroots Adsense analysis electricity supplier giant Amazon innovation

continuous attention to customer satisfaction is the key to the success of the growing enterprise. Whether general or online business, business most prosperous must be those who are mindful of the outside development enterprises, including well-known consumer preferences, the demand and the Challenger strategy, means making decision to see and hear, be sure to generate ideas, to meet customers, win over rivals.

flow of time constantly, social progress, people also will turn as an enterprise also unceasingly change, keep up with the change of environment, time tomorrow’s conception of enterprise image, bear in the fluctuation of the market in the mission. Amazon Co in the fast changing Internet is even more so, its chief executive officer Bezos always concerned about external development, so Amazon Co can develop rapidly.

Jeff Bezos’s business is an innovative enterprise, and he was a successful reformer, "difficult start, setting more difficult, but Bezos knew that the creation of enterprises is not enough, pay attention to the development of science and technology is committed to continuous improvement he system, and brought about by the high degree of customer satisfaction, performance growth continue to produce new ideas.

stagnant companies can not be based on the era of rapid development. Elliot Goodwin is the president of Dezhou is located in Fort Lai Rui Chillingworth shoes, he will be the company’s operating income fell sharply and remorse, then he will focus on the wholesale business, and traders cooperation sale of new shoes, he began to lead the store selling what shoes are local residents love style. This not only caused by the opposition shops and enterprises, but also commercial morality. While Amazon is constantly advancing, for the retail industry, the customer is God, so Amazon to provide premium services to customers, so the company has both efficient and useful inventory, distribution network and the most important customer satisfaction.

Amazon network has become the leader in online stores, but also changed people’s views on e-commerce, the traditional retail industry has a huge impact. A market expert has said that Amazon is a new company to the existing industry under the definition of an example. For the retail industry, the most important factor is the location, location and location, and the Amazon rich on the network that traditional retailers have squeezed, Bezos not only forced his rival Barnes & Noble and borders Bookstore set up a web site, but also to other retail giants like WAL-MART stores, the Internet is ahead of time. Amazon was founded soon have such a big impact, some retail industry can not help but question whether their physical advantage is still there. Amazon is a leader, and many of the retail industry is in a flock of sheep with the Amazon, with global sales of books, most types of unique shopping experience, provide value-added service and continuous innovation, constantly create new ideas and always in the leading position.

‘s endless new ideas make it hard to follow the pace of amazon. Physical bookstore has also done a variety of counterattack decisions, such as inviting the author to participate in the work of

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