Flow to speak This is the effect of online advertising

      recruitment should be we see more advertisers recently, over a period of time the recruitment network through a large number of Internet advertising delivery, to get a very big increase in business flow, at the same time also have a big promotion.

      and before the recruitment of the leading position in the online recruitment is in jeopardy, visible network advertisement still is the most direct and effective way of advertising.

      according to the latest data users continuous user behavior research of iUserTracker system in the display, the user visits, qianchengwuyou accounted for the highest proportion, reached 30.3%, followed by Zhaopin and chinahr.com, respectively 20.3% and 19.3%, the elite recruit, linuxkernel, digital network of excellence, access times a short, no more than 5%.

2007 in the first quarter was the recruitment of intensive television, newspapers and the Internet and other media advertising effect, effective user visits rose 15.4%. Ari market consulting analysis, with chinahr.com recruitment video product launches and media advertising intensified, and quietly rising focus on industry and local talent website, the competition will be more intense China network recruitment market.

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