Tencent hand Dunhuang network cross-border electricity supplier with social how to take

July 15th news, the latest learned billion state power network, according to the Tencent and Dunhuang both the official news, today, the enterprise market of Tencent as Tencent enterprises and cross-border electricity supplier Dunhuang B2B platform network has signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will jointly set up the first China cross-border electricity supplier + Social business model.

According to the Dunhuang

network sources, the cooperation between the two sides is mainly divided into three stages, the first stage of the joint development of cross-border electricity supplier IM (instant messaging) tools; second stage joint development of cross-border electricity supplier SCRM (SOCIAL Customer Relationship Management) system; third stage to build cross-border social business platform.

Dunhuang network pointed out that the Dunhuang network in the B2B cultivation and massive enterprise customer resources, just to strengthen Tencent business class. And through the Dunhuang network, Tencent can be integrated in the SCRM products, the rapid increase in cross-border electricity supplier industry characteristics, improve the professionalism of Tencent enterprise products, to create a complete ecosystem SCRM. As for the Dunhuang network, cooperation with Tencent will significantly enhance the user experience of Dunhuang network.

Tencent Inc enterprise product marketing manager Wang Xiangyu said, through the joint development of cross-border electricity supplier IM tools, can let Dunhuang net buyers and sellers across time zones, across time, face to face communication, through the cross-border electricity supplier SCRM system developed by both sides, Dunhuang net sellers can also classify customers according to the demand for marketing, a "push", improve sales performance.

Tencent will make the existing network of Dunhuang whole industry chain services more vertical deepening, refinement." Dunhuang network founder, CEO Wang Shutong said so.

According to

billion state power network is understood as the cross-border electricity supplier Dunhuang network B2B platform, founded in 2004, now has more than and 140 thousands of suppliers, business all over the world 230 countries and regions, 10 million buyers. In Dunhuang this year, ushered in a larger change. In April 26th, Dunhuang released four new deal, said by category management division of industry, adjust the platform commission system, the establishment and the establishment of offline payment channel wholesale channel four to accelerate the transition to the big trade B2B.

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