E-commerce bubble theory Game between optimist and pessimist

nowadays, e-commerce created a myth, the traditional enterprise and also do not do, have moved to electronic commerce caused e-commerce crazy financing, bubble period said electronic commerce has come, but there are people crazy in the electronic commerce industry to flex its muscles, is a bubble or opportunity?

and e-commerce in the highly touted time, business tycoon and traditional large enterprises have financing, seemingly electricity market really comes, also walk negative voices on the Internet, some people say that bubble 2011 e-commerce is coming, the rapid expansion of the network group purchase "hundred regiments" quickly to expand the "thousand group war, the major electricity supplier companies crazy financing, accelerate the process of Internet bubble, even Ma said two years will burst the myth, the industry is expected, this round of the Internet bubble may burst China concept in the 8 quarter after.

more than pessimists, what they see is the risk of e-commerce, but also to the now blind and even crazy into e-commerce enterprises a warning bell, always keep a clear mind.

on the other side, a large number of Chinese companies competing to go overseas capital markets IPO.COM. Renren.com, Jiayuan and grand literature were revealed in the United States listing plan. Renren May 5th was officially listed on the New York stock exchange. A grand network in a secure manner to the United States submitted a listing application form draft, vianet Nasdaq, on the same day, Jiayuan submitted the prospectus, to be on the NASDAQ IPO; a subsidiary of Phoenix Phoenix New Media April 28th formally submitted a prospectus with the U.S. Securities and exchange commission.

is optimistic attitude, a torrent of king wins, in the e-commerce bubble seem to have covered the entire industry at the same time, they choose a more positive attitude in the face, the more difficult the more time to go up, but the real strong is born this way.

e-commerce fiery Internet may lead to the bubble argument, the Internet channel era, appearing in the process of bubble is inevitable, but as the capital bubble wave wave down, the entire electricity supplier business will not be affected by the deadly e-commerce bubble, bubble and opportunities, pessimism and optimism of the ideas we need to take the essence instead, crazy financing can not solve the fundamental problem of e-commerce, it is important to fix the strength of good user experience and customer service, and lay a solid wall for himself, "the game between the bubble theory" is an optimist and pessimist, we see you next time it happens.

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