Network network LETV channel debut 2016VNEXPO carrying wine strategy set sail

The 2016

international Wine and Spirits Exhibition (VINEXPO) for the first time in the world’s first wine wine channel lineup – music as ecological wine channel (LEWINE) watch the whole wine exhibition site, facing the global Wine and spirits of famous celebrities, interpretation of elite wine wind. At the same time, music, as the wine industry channel upstream industry chain upstream resources to promote new forms of liquor marketing.

VINEXPO is one of the world’s most professional and outstanding wine exhibition. VINEXPO every two years in France Bohr held once a year, the interval will be held overseas exhibition, the industry has been waiting for events.

music as wine channel (LEWINE), as the music as the ecological content in the field of wine vertical board, has now settled into the music as a super TV channel 99, and in the music network PC side, APP side full line. As the wine channel is committed to become China’s most professional wine video content aggregation platform, China’s most influential wine culture promotion platform, China’s most valuable wine industry marketing platform.

2016VINEXPO with music as the wine channel decryption wine new trend

VINEXPO Hong Kong as the Asia Pacific region’s leading wine trade show, for the first time invited to the world’s first wine wine wine – LETV ecological channel channel (LEWINE) exclusive video tracking reports, highlighting the "first positioning the most professional wine field China video content aggregation platform".

in the VINEXPO field, LETV channel and TWE, dry wine group, LUCIEN BERNARD GROUP France spirits group conducted in-depth exchanges with Chinese and foreign trends China Wine common pulse of a person with breadth of vision and spirit of the consumer market.

new world wine and domestic professional Internet platform to achieve cooperation, seek Chinese market penetration, has become a major trend. In the VINEXPO field, Chile dry exposure group and music as its ecological network network jointly signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, both sides strengthen brand cooperation. Network network become dry the American wine products Chinese District sole agent, the introduction of the Little Black Dress series, Bonterra series, 1000Stories series, strengthening dry product lines in China America output capacity, does not exclude the acquisition of overseas winery level cooperation.


(network network CEO Li Rui and chief executive of Cristian LOPEZ Asia dry signed a strategic cooperation memorandum)

LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui said, "the future network network will be more new world Wine giant hand, with globalization strategy, create a benign ecological overseas product localization, help more China brands operating in the market, so that more consumers Chinese close contact with overseas high-quality wine products" >

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