How to do a good job shop so that their shop full of traffic

Internet is now one of the important dimensions of economic development, with the popularity of online shopping now people understand the online shopping is also known as a substantial leap from the unknown. With the current online shopping has become a fashion, there are more and more businesses have begun to develop such a market, hoping to be able to increase their benefits through such a way.

first through the mall and a series of data we can effectively see, when the shop and sales in good sales is not very good in the store than we can effectively find the most fundamental substantive decision factor is how much traffic. In fact, this is a bit like we are the same in principle to open his own shop when the first and most important is to see the flow of people to the facade how in a shop when the site, but also lots of relatively large flow of people will always be less than the flow of people will lead a large portion of the shop the performance of the. Did the sales people know that sales is like a needle in a haystack, if this piece of sea fish so many fishing in the sea there is receiving great. If there are only a few scattered fish in the sea, then even if there is a good fishing technology will not be a great harvest. For the shop for this principle is also the same, if the sales skills are the same, then the flow of people will be more than the flow of small shops selling things.

In fact,

through the above this passage I believe we have been able to understand, it is important for the traffic network of shops, so how can we drainage? I believe this problem also plagued many shopkeepers. In fact, for the flow of the shop is mainly two ways to enter the store inside, one is the flow of the site is the other way through the Internet or search engine into the flow. This is the two major flow path, but also the main method used by the network owner.

internal flow: through the analysis of similar to the Taobao site we do not come out, the index of the internal flow of the site is mainly through three channels for drainage. The first is the natural search traffic, traffic guidance and the shop itself baby sales, quality, price, etc. is closely related to the baby’s introduction, we can own for the decoration of shops and baby pictures made to attract customers, but also through sales of camouflage to drainage. The second is to train promotion, this way is by clicking on the charge for the promotion, at the same time this way can also be carried out outside the station outside the station traffic image promotion to attract part, such a way is mainly to see the owner how to grasp the whole price control bureau. The third is through the website of the event to the drainage way, this is a way for the store to the financial strength of a test, and some of the activities of the registration is a threshold, so they asked the shopkeeper in a virtuous cycle of operation so as to avoid when enrollment will appear but the phenomenon of audit. These three kinds of traffic flow guidance

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