Taobao how to open the shop to open shop process steps

how to open shop, how to open the Taobao shop, how to open the shop, the shop agent, now open a virtual shop to make money, Taobao to open a virtual shop. [] the owner must see how novice business is how to do? Crown shop you quickly upgrade the reputation of the shop


a lot of novice shop owner after the shop will tangle a problem: how to do business

?This is the

novice owners quite confused: shop decoration to beautiful appearance, the types of goods are complete but good times, a shop is neglected, why is no one to buy? Open shop, do not understand the problem, you can contact QQ:381713669

The reason for

is that the credibility is low. This is a serious problem. Let a lot of novice shop owner is very helpless, would like to direct halo. Look at others a lot of money into his pocket, his shop half-dead,

worry ah!

will pay more than a thought, forget it, do not want to live. Cry.

hit Jiangshan easy, hard to keep the country. Some people will be so emotional: open shop easy, not easy to operate. In fact, it is not, but you do not have the skills. For example: you take a blunt knife to cut wood, but less effective; if you know the knife is sharpened to wood, will surely be a multiplier. Now open a virtual shop to make money, how to open a virtual shop Taobao

experience to talk about: the first virtual in kind, with a reputation can be turned into a physical, virtual products into the store into the flow, driven by the sale of other physical products within the store.

below to give you an example of contrast:

said, on the open shop, I was starting with a friend of mine, when he was doing the agricultural and sideline products store. At that time, I chose the fifth generation of automatic recharge software. I insist on doing virtual, he insisted on opening the physical store. Of course, he also has his reason, the store is indeed relatively high profit. Now open a virtual shop to make money, how to open a virtual shop Taobao

results show that my choice is correct. His shop has been half-dead, because the credibility is low, sales volume is very low, even sold out, are likely to produce logistics slow on poor, still tangled in the wreck of the expired goods in stock; and I shop on the upgrade, its a trend which cannot be halted.

because of virtual and physical, virtual this thing, there is no quality of the pros and cons, buyers generally do not tangle in the credibility of your shop, as long as you can receive the goods, everything can be said. The fifth generation of prepaid software, lightning delivery, I earned a lot of praise, the high profits of the proxy software is full of pockets. Ha ha, up to now, my shop already on the crown.

I gave my friend two suggestions:

1, first do virtual, then do kind.

2, virtual physical combination. Now open a virtual shop to make money, how to open a virtual shop Taobao

this time, he does not

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