The domain name registration Amoy gold

Lively network circle, in fact, the most lively or online. We may have such an experience, every day on the Internet should be more or less on the address of a few sites, that is, the domain name, the domain name can be seen in the status of the network. In today’s Internet Network in this two person for you, they registered the domain name, in addition to a home for himself, also a lot of reserves to trade. This trick to meet their own interests, but also can not really say a few pieces of gold.

There are three Kuaiyitong

Hao Peng originally registered domain name is completely out of interest, he is the first domain name registered his name,

(Note: here Hao Peng is wrong, should be At that time an ad in the newspaper attracted him: international domain name 1000 yuan"! The price of COM has finally reached the point where it can be accepted. So he was the equivalent of one month’s salary in cash in exchange for a "international domain name registration application form", although now generally 6, 70 yuan a year the market is so expensive, but he does not regret.

found in the domain of investment value, is a get out of hand. Now his more than and 60 year renewal domain light would have to pay more than 5 thousand, the wages are not high, he is not a small number. Early to sell these domains, became a critical issue. Although Hao Peng is also a propaganda on the personal home page, also is the domain name trading network selling, two years down to sell a. For the rest of his collection, there are a lot of rich, easy to understand and easy to remember domain name, like,, and so on what. He waited for a crowd of buyers come, let their collections have a good home.

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