Alibaba led the formation of intelligent logistics backbone network

investment since 100 billion, 5-8 no return

Ma Yun private investment star will not be successful, Alibaba led the main intelligent logistics backbone network in an orderly manner.

confirmed to reporters, sitting east Alibaba group in Hangzhou on Wednesday, the United Nations gathered in the main logistics industry leading enterprises, logistics, capital and financial institutions, and then to set up a preliminary intelligent logistics backbone network to reach a consensus, the network can support the daily 30 billion (at an annual rate of about 10 trillion) retail sales network, so that any regions of the country will be reached within 24 hours of delivery, the project has entered the implementation stage.

ground grid plan has started the site selection


Alibaba stakeholders before the program named "Chinese intelligent logistics backbone network (China Smart Logistic Network, referred to as CSN), known as the" internal network". This is a huge logistics network planning enterprises including: the generation of Chinese express parcel total Alibaba group and intime, Fosun, more than half of the Fuchun, one of four links, SF, leading institutions and related capital market banks and financial institutions.

according to participants, according to the meeting decided that the project led by the Alibaba group, Ma intends to serve as chairman of the board, intime Group Chairman Shen Guojun intends to serve as CEO.

According to

revealed that the CSN project hope that through 8-10 years of efforts, the establishment of a support daily 30 billion (about 10 trillion year) of intelligent logistics backbone network retail network, support tens of millions of new enterprise development, let the whole Chinese do any one region within 24 hours of delivery will be reached.

is reported that the first phase of CSN plans to invest 100 billion yuan, planning by about 8 core nodes, a number of key nodes and more important nodes of the city. At present, the company has started to set up the core network nodes and the location of the work, and has been in contact with a number of provinces and exchanges.

logistics infrastructure investment return slow

reporter learned that in 2012 to support the transfer of 5 billion 700 million parcels of people, the "one by one" to bear the burden of one of the 80% of the three. Data show that in 2012, China’s online retail is far more than 1 trillion, the annual growth rate of over 80%. 2012 and Tmall net turnover has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, and Tmall network package of more than 12 million single, double eleven day package produced more than 72 million single peak, the next few years, e-commerce will generate a huge amount of logistics demand, the existing logistics system will not support, need a bigger and more efficient social logistics system. The Yuantong chairman Yu Weijiao said, without a nationwide infrastructure network, it is difficult to China output "UPS".

although the logistics infrastructure and equipment investment is lagging behind more and more strict

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