Balance treasure responded stolen it is unfortunate winning odds 1100000

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) the day before the balance of treasure users reflect 40 thousand yuan of funds was difficult to get. Yesterday, Ali Yuan Leiming, general manager of small and Micro Financial Services Department responded that the balance of treasure does exist the risk of theft, theft risk rate of 1/100000.

said stolen can be regarded as unlucky winning

previously, the media reported that Mr Huang, after the launch of the balance of treasure in Alipay, for the balance of treasure business, and in the balance of treasure saved 300 thousand yuan. In October 12th, Mr. Huang without the knowledge of the situation, 40 thousand yuan in his account be transferred. Alipay control system is flawed, and the financial security problem has attracted widespread attention.


said after the investigation, preliminary judgment of events with identity information disclosure and SMS hijacking, and to remind consumers to pay attention to their information security, mobile phone found abnormal (such as long time did not receive SMS) contact the operators handle.

from the balance of treasure trading volume, the number of transactions, the risk of theft is not high." Yuan Leiming told the Beijing News reporter said that the risk of theft rate of 1/100000, the user can be stolen as unfortunate winning". According to figures released in July, the balance of treasure launched 18 days cumulative number of users more than 2 million 500 thousand, launched a monthly sales exceeded 10 billion yuan.

public information, Alipay currently has 850 million registered accounts, on the number of transactions 30 million, based on the huge base, even if the capital loss rate of 1/100000, also means that a small amount of. The introduction of the balance of treasure business, the security system of network security is more a test of alipay.

claims similar to the risk of misappropriation of insurance


source, the network security payment work contains creating joint industrial chain upstream and downstream of a terminal environment safety, reduce the occurrence of phishing, Trojans, virus control, and conduct more accurate identification through big data, cooperate with public security departments, the financial institutions to carry out user identification etc..

Yuan Leiming said that Alipay’s risk management capabilities play a certain role in the case. When consumers find loss, Alipay has passed the risk control intercepted a loss of 60 thousand yuan. But the risk of theft can not be completely avoided, so the balance of treasure promised the event, through theft insurance by the partner of Ping An insurance payment in full to consumers.

he explained, the balance of the treasure of the same way to claim the risk of misappropriation of insurance is similar to the well-known strong insurance, but the balance of the risk of theft of treasure to be less than traffic accidents."

in addition, Ali Chen Dawei, Dean of small and Micro Research Institute, said Ali will not consider the P2P business. The reason is that P2P default rate as high as 2%, the market is not mature to a certain extent, the risk of awareness is low.

– size

balance treasure purchase amount has reached 130 billion

Tian Hong will be the only investment manager balance treasure, which means Celestica >

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