Ticket bundled insurance stale convenience services

recently, Ctrip website launched "tiebao" train ticket booking service, media exposure sales train tickets bundled insurance products, led to consumer dissatisfaction and complaints.

because of work reasons, I need to travel frequently in the Guangzhou Shenzhen, so often get online booking in advance, because only remember is 12306, then log in the domain name (www.12306.com) website, to jump to a "buy" on the site, the result of pre booking after the jump to the payment page. Only to find to buy a ticket from Guangzhou south to north of Shenzhen high-speed rail tickets need to be tied up to pay 20 yuan traffic insurance, if you do not buy insurance to 20 yuan tickets EMS express door-to-door service.


name is "to buy" site train tickets bundled insurance service is also in cooperation with CTRIP Website, some consumers may need to choose to buy tickets to pay, but this site is a fake some Chinese railway customer service center "(www.12306.cn)", on the other hand tied sales of insurance and EMS courier service way alleged violations of consumer rights.

for the "iron guarantee line products, Ctrip website that said the book" tiebao "travel products, required to pay ticket coupon price = × select the reservation number + traffic accident insurance × select the number of reservations. In other words, regardless of booking more than a dozen ordinary car tickets, or a few hundred dollars high-speed rail tickets, have to be purchased insurance". And launch similar bundled services not only Ctrip Jingdong, mall of the train ticket booking channel, where the network train ticket section, have forced passengers to purchase insurance clauses, and as early as 2012 that several sites had launched a train ticket ordering service, and charge a distribution fee, but by the former Ministry of Railways to halt. But this year, on the eve of the reform of the Ministry of railways, the website quietly restored business, and come up with a new charging method".

for these sites selling tickets bundled insurance and EMS practices, but there is a benefit sharing problem, the reporter learned that the railway official booking network — "China railway customer service center" (www.12306.cn) sell train tickets without any additional payment, without tying any insurance, and other sites selling train the ticket is actually bundled insurance, in order to obtain higher profits.

Train ticket sales channels under the line in addition to get into

small proportion from the railway sector outside, also can receive 5 yuan per ticket extra sale cost, and website sales in the train ticket can not charge sale cost, and airline ticket in the sharply divided into different, its sales percentage of train tickets is very low, which is why Ctrip had once stopped selling train tickets, and later with the development of high-speed rail fares higher than the original train ticket, but the thought of bundling and insurance, EMS sales, in the insurance sales the proportion is very high, or even several times the price of insurance.


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