Jingdong logistics to the single burn bet

"double 11" before the arrival of the logistics war in advance. Yesterday, Jingdong announced that a large logistics center located in Shanghai, Asia one will be put on the eve of the double 11. This platform will not only serve the Jingdong proprietary products, but also to undertake the distribution of third party sellers.

but now, burn the logistics platform in the short term is difficult to become the Jingdong’s profit tool. In the industry view, after the expansion of the logistics system, the need for the distribution of soft power and other staff to follow up. This has become the risk of Jingdong open logistics platform.

force greatly promote

according to Jingdong, Asia is located in Shanghai, Jiading, a total of two phases, planning construction area of 200 thousand square meters. The first phase of the operation into a commodity warehouse, with a total construction area of about 100 thousand square meters. The whole warehouse management system, control system, sorting and distribution system for the development of Jingdong.

data show that the shipment sorting capacity of up to 16 thousand pieces / hour, sorting accuracy of 99.99%, the automated system can alleviate the poor efficiency of manual sorting and low accuracy issues. This is also the highest level in the industry.

double 11 logistics challenges for all to see, last year, double 11, the total amount of courier business reached 346 million. In this year’s double 11 on the eve of the opening of Asia on the 1st, Jingdong hit the intention of service card show.


industry is expected this year, "double 11" during the shipment will be high, express season from early November until the eve of the spring festival. Up to 104 days in the history of the longest courier peak, will become the first major test after the launch of asia.



Jingdong founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong said, Asia one logistics center put into operation, with the release of production capacity, will enhance the operational efficiency of Jingdong in East China, soon can open to third party sellers, let the seller through the logistics system using Jingdong to improve the user experience.

in the industry view, Jingdong’s logistics ambitions on the one hand is to tie the consumer, on the other hand, it can attract high-quality third party sellers. So as to occupy the advantage in the competition.

at present, open platform has become a Jingdong, suning.com and other large electricity providers in the future. After the opening of Shanghai, Asia, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan and other places in Asia will be put into operation on the agenda. Jingdong from its inception to a large number of logistics for burn self has established its own core competitive advantage.

analysts pointed out that the Asian one in the double 11 only more than and 20 days to put into operation, more aims to serve Jingdong’s own business during the double 11 period. After the inspection, the right to speak will be more open to Asia, the third party sellers. Open access to the commission can be used as a sustainable income of the Jingdong for a long time, to make up for many years of investment Jingdong.

subsequent risk


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