Mobile payment is not the enemy of foreign mature technology domestic standards marginalization

recently, the National Golden Card Office Director, chairman of Chinese Information Industry Chamber of Commerce Zhang Qi disclosed to the outside world, mobile payment standard has been clear, the near field payment by 13.56MHz standard (NFC), the 2.4GHz scheme only used in application environment, are not allowed to enter the field of financial circulation. Thus, in the national standard game of mobile payment, foreign standards prevail, while the independent intellectual property rights of the local standards are marginalized trend.

IT Times reporter Wang Xin

2.4G standard 100% independent research and development

uses 2.4GHz frequency RF-SIM of mobile phone payment technology inventor, Xiamen Shenghua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. vice president Zhao Chengwu to "IT times" reporter said: "we have one hundred percent core patent RF-SIM card technology." Coupled with more than a dozen related inventions, has formed a set of RF-SIM mobile payment technology patents, and entirely from domestic enterprises.

Zhao Chengwu said that the current 2.4G standard by the strong support of domestic telecom operators. In addition to China Mobile has been using 2.4G mobile phone payment technology recently, China Telecom also has been for several months to purchase the whole chip, forecast, mobile phone card chip 2.4G technology has more than 6 million tablets based on shipment.

Deputy Secretary General of

Chinese Embedded Software Association chairman Wang Yanhui pointed out that the NFC patent mainly by NOKIA, SONY and NXP, the company has, at present there is no company can provide complete technical solutions, once really UnionPay NFC chosen as mobile phone payment standard, not only means that the system mobile phone payment to overseas companies that also means that the future will be worth tens of billions of dollars in market submissively.

Analysys International analyst Zhang Meng told reporters that at present, 2.4G and NFC both sides temporarily do not levy patent fees to the downstream manufacturers, but the future is not expected.

two standard

, each one has its own merits

since the two kinds of standards in the domestic large-scale promotion of the standard on the merits of the war of words has not stopped. The industry consensus is: 2.4G standard has the advantages of both credit card function, no restrictions on the mobile terminal; and NFC represents the international advocacy standards, maturity, business experience.

from the point of view of the people, the 2.4G standard as long as a SIM or UIM card can be achieved mobile phone credit card, no doubt than the need to replace the customized mobile phone or related peripherals NFC standard convenient. Zhao Chengwu revealed that China Unicom has previously been a high-profile promotion of NFC, but in fact, many provincial companies have not given up 2.4G standards, has been actively planning 2.4G layout.

and the industry has been questioned for 2.4G security, Zhao Chengwu said: 2.4G standard has the highest international accreditation norms, this stage can not be cracked." At least from the current scale

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