Ali evaluation of Tencent shares Buynow intended to occupy the core values

day before, Taiwan media broke the news that the Alibaba and the Tencent intends to into the capital, and the blue sky group’s chain stores Buynow computer O2O cooperation.

is the heart of doubt, today’s digital mall format, has been the impact of the electricity supplier to the decline, the Alibaba and the Tencent is interested in this "chicken ribs" what? A digital mall group CIO (deep throat) to billion state power network tells the whole story.

has heavy traffic Bainaohui now a deserted house

: the second half billion state power network Alibaba intends to stake Bainaohui 3, Tencent is to look at fiercely as a tiger does bainaohui. Have you heard the news?

Deep throat: just saw

. Some unexpected. This format has Bainaohui digital mall is going downhill, do not see any shares or investment value.

billion state power network: the first half of the Alibaba has also invested intime business, the traditional retail Internet Co are being swallowed, although are affected by the impact of the electricity supplier, but the skinny camel is bigger than a horse, apparently the "chicken ribs" also eat.

deep throat: analysis from this perspective, the deal is most likely not fancy digital mall itself, but the core values of Bainaohui occupy. While this several digital mall show signs, buy low, or cost-effective.

billion state power network: Internet companies to become real estate developers to enter, occupy a favorable terrain, but the future development is not a digital computer as the core.

deep throat: yes. The two Internet companies involved will be re fried hot land.

billion state power network: digital mall is e-commerce construction own


deep throat: this kind of companies are trying to do, but with the traditional enterprise business is difficult to succeed, there are a lot of difficulties.

billion state power network: the difficulty from where


deep throat: the first is the team concept of conversion from the traditional business to business, is not suitable. The second is the control channel or digital mall itself is not the source, only provide a venue, a typical "middleman landlord", the product control force is weak. Third, do electricity providers need a lot of investment in the digital industry gross margin is generally low, the company will invest a lot of effort to do electricity supplier


billion state power network: one side suffered electric attack, side line of business in the format of future digital mall malaise, where is the way?

will not disappear?Deep throat: no


digital category in the future will become increasingly brand, quality. Of course, online stores, the volume will shrink.

I think the latest concept is that the computer city will not become a O2O complex in the future, not just digital, the introduction of various formats, pay more attention to the line

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