Dialogue Shang Wenjie create a suitcase brand does not rely on fans economy

[Abstract] Shang Wenjie team and YOHO joint launch of a transparent suitcase, targeting 90 groups, priced at six hundred or seven hundred yuan.

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported on September 16th

at the beginning of September, in a Beijing hotel in the North Fourth Ring Road, science and technology Tencent saw the singer Shang Wenjie. She sat quietly in front of a table, the table spread over every kind of makeup and makeup, are prepared to do to prepare for the evening program to be recorded.

this fall, the singer Shang Wenjie busier than ever, one is to record a stylish Oriental TV reality show "the goddess’s new clothes", another, more milepost meaning to her is launched their own personal fashion brand, the Shang Wenjie team and YOHO! The goods jointly produced a transparent the travel box Ma puce 6.

Ma puce in French, meaning "my dear". Ma puce this brand is born in 2009, when Shang Wenjie made an album of the same name, promote fashion attitude to life, then record derivatives such as T-shirts fans closer to the economy, dependent on the presence of music, and did not regard it as a purely commercial brand to operate.

five years later, Shang Wenjie really put it into production, in September 16th, the luggage line YOHO! Goods, Tmall and other electronic business platform, priced between $600 -700 yuan.

Shang Wenjie this product with stylish, personalized personal imprint, but she didn’t want "fans economy" come and summarize its business model, young people and fashion personality, this product will be the user population; for the individual character, Shang Wenjie believes that compared to the spokesperson, investors and operators of identity with her, she hopes that this product is a good start, in addition to the music, opened up another world, to regain their old in the market the bank, showing her business acumen.

suitcase market is blue ocean

YOHO! There are already a number of artists such as Edison Chan, Show Luo, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as, and so on, and so on, such as, and so on, and so on, such as. YOHO! Stock president button Congxiao said, in terms of artists, hat and other clothing category is easy to extend, endorsements are also the most natural image transition. But from the point of view of commercial competition, many people into this area, and slowly became the Red Sea market.

in many categories, the suitcase market is actually blue ocean. Shang Wenjie himself is not only a digital man, but also a box enthusiasts. She found that the market demand has been growing in the suitcase, but there is no particularly successful domestic brand, a sense of design is mostly foreign brands. Domestic consumers to stay in the suitcase cargo level, overseas already can be used as fashion accessories in fashion, to express individuality.

suitcase market has not changed for a long time, this product is suitable for us to subvert and revolution." Shang Wenjie said. This principle

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