Fight price and then pull the handle to pull open the network to buy the 2012 prelude to competition

recently, group purchase site to IBM into ERP system, realize the tracking management to the entire financial, manpower and budget, operation and maintenance services to enhance the core business handle network system, enhance the efficiency of enterprise management, to maximize ensure the interests of consumers. The two sides also provides a useful exploration and attempt to buy and sell enterprise information management. This prompted the industry to discuss the purchase of information, but also once again handle the network to buy the industry to raise the threshold level, the wisdom of the group has begun to take shape.

said that 2010 is the first year of the group, is the end of the year to buy in 2011. But in my opinion, 2012 is a year to buy the industry by leaps and bounds. This year, the first to pull the net ERP kicked off, no longer take the price as a bargaining chip, turned into the information competition. There is an old saying: "in the long run, the price of the competition is only a means of marketing group purchase early, and not the ultimate weapon group purchase. How to sustainable development is the numerous group purchase enterprises have been thinking about the problem, and handle the network first from their own development, improve their own content, for the enterprise value, so that consumers can really feel the "group purchase" is like "handle" so simple.

with the group purchase market precipitation, a large number of customers will be a lot of ideas like to handle such a large network of group purchase platform, a large number of customers resulting in a large number of orders and related business processes, enterprise management pressure arise spontaneously. At this point ERP is so important, in a limited range of control, a reasonable allocation of manpower, material resources, financial resources, to maximize the quality of steel in the blade. And be able to predict the market in a timely manner, analysis, feedback, so that enterprises can adjust the direction in the shortest possible time to save costs, and finally to the benefit of consumers.

buy in the country is a new industry, there are many problems behind the rapid development. The handle network adopts IBM as its customized ERP system, effective from their own perspective to solve the problem of coordination between departments, improve enterprise management efficiency, can make the enterprise in their own problems do everything in good order and well arranged. For customers, to allow customers to feel a full range of services, a comprehensive integration to meet the needs of customers, so that customers feel a higher level of enjoyment.

Perhaps some people will say that ERP

is really magic effect? Then we, since ERP by the United States Gartner Group consulting firm in 1993 first proposed up to now has been widely used, can be known as the world’s most advanced management mode is the best solution to the enterprise information integration, management of enterprise human financial and material resources, information and other aspects play an important role. For these reasons, a number of well-known foreign companies are in use, even the U.S. electricity supplier giant Amazon also use it to improve the company’s largest profit.

at this time, the domestic group is in the stage of precipitation and considerable development, but the network is just at this time and

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