America’s largest household electricity supplier found that the use of new baby VR yard

news August 30th, after IKEA launched VR Museum, the largest electricity supplier Home Furnishing Wayfair last week also began to enter the field of virtual reality, the first release of VR by Patio Playground, the APP is tailored for the courtyard design, the power marketing can also help in the field of VR Wayfair share a cup of soup.

Wayfair research lab responsible Mike Festa explained the specific usage of this application: "Patio Playground allows consumers to design their own courtyard idea, and from different angles and different light changes as observed under the courtyard, to find the most suitable way of decoration. Wayfair provides 85 kinds of garden supplies, users can place a one-time 15."

in the future, the platform hopes to add shopping features in Patio Playground, and applies to all VR devices. The APP currently supports only the Oculus VR series.

The launch of the Patio

Playground application, Wayfair is to use the APP to test the VR experience, to understand the consumers of Home Furnishing VR attitude, to facilitate the next iterative update; two is to enhance brand awareness, innovative ideas in the field of VR Wayfair on the show, attracting capital injection.

in recent years, VR, AR technology quietly popular, its interactivity, the idea is to bring home marketing opportunities, many businesses have been eyeing this high-tech. In April this year, the Swedish Home Furnishing brand IKEA launched APP IKEA VR Museum ", December 2015, VR established joint LETV Tuba rabbit Tuba rabbit virtual exhibition platform; March 2016, decoration mesh together with the VR brand beauty house 365 cooperation, jointly launched VR home products.

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