E-commerce customer service – understanding based (customer service)

is meant to get up early, when a diligent, energetic young people walk for half an hour to go to work, but when the walk to the bus station, eventually enemy but lazy himself, when the workers a crowded bus. At the bus station, at every bus driving, a large number of commuters swarmed, everyone wants to hurry up, everyone don’t want late, even the door while the rest of that slit, also struggled to get on, who knows what time is the next bus to "squeeze? The bus culture" is another kind of the city of Shenzhen scenery, oh……

my job, a very ordinary post – Web site customer service and background management. The content of most is to answer the phone, and on our website to buy, it is a repeated countless words that day received a phone, with different people explain their about N things. But for me, love is quite a job like this, because I love to hear each customer when they carry out their shopping process is a very pleasant thing, when the phone head of the unknown I laugh, I get a feeling of satisfaction in a I do this is a small thing, certainly do good! Words are temperature, often see some etiquette book wrote, "smile when picking up the phone, the other can not see, but can feel……" Yes, I can from my daily taxi traffic asked to listen to their customer service phone for each temperature, answer my question, let me feel that there is a temperature to answer, each service satisfaction reply information, I will call 5 (very satisfied). Although it is easy for me, but maybe for them, their performance is a kind of affirmation, said recently, maybe it is the performance of rising wages; farther, for them to communicate with people, a new kind of confidence…… Oh, some pull away……

, of course, not every customer is very good, the customer is God, the customer also learned his customer advantage, oh, so they have unreasonable demands, they will have the customer’s temper, it is natural. I have time to get angry, but a "great" customer service, customer is not mad at myself, but rather tepid to customer grieve! Oh, a joke, but to really is very unreasonable customers, I try to explain my position only, I just call, communication companies some meaning, and does not change the company policy, if there is no way that this is the only…… Of course, this situation is still less, everyone is a consumer, and everyone has his own work to sell the product, the understanding between people should be good enough!

customer service, electronic commerce is a small role, is also an important one! Every customer service, he is a representative of the enterprise image, the customer for a network platform, not face-to-face transactions, most of the time is to understand the products through the customer service website, most of the time according to the customer service.

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