Home electricity supplier park network push intelligent snore stop pillow but didn’t want to make a


large park network CEO Wang Zhiquan


technology news news November 4th, focusing on the safety of cotton textile goods formaldehyde free electricity supplier park network yesterday launched the first sleep equipment "intelligent snoring pillow", hoping to help people regain the snoring healthy quiet sleep, "intelligent snoring pillow" market price of 999 yuan, the Jingdong to raise the price of 899 yuan. The listing is expected in December 20th about the future.

according to the big park network founder and CEO Wang Zhiquan, the pillow device is the control center of the whole intelligent snoring system, integrated Bluetooth module, Zhihan "smart", local algorithm center, air pump, gas storage box and other functional modules, through local algorithm, intelligent heart can use in three days to complete the user the resolution and identification characteristics of snoring and snoring, according to the DB and frequency on a pillow "instruction", the recognition accuracy can reach more than 90%.

when the pillow pillow received from the equipment of the intervention "instructions" that will automatically inflate the airbag sensor, adjust the snorer position until the noise stops.

App is used to record the user mobile phone and snoring during sleep time and the number of intervention, the user can daily weekly or monthly, annual snoring through the understanding of the interval distribution of snoring resolution, and snore stop pillow intervention times and effect etc..


Park intelligent snoring pillow in Jingdong has to raise the public to raise 570 thousand yuan Wang Zhiquan said, "most of the snoring is due to the formation of the throat position produced by extrusion, the neck head gently snoring snoring means stop adjustment is very effective, the basic principle of design of the intelligent pillow is so simple. After nearly 100 people to verify, can reduce snoring time by more than 80%".

According to the introduction of

, intelligent snore stop pillow only online sales. November 3rd has just raised the public on-line Jingdong, the target is 500 thousand yuan, however, less than a day has been completed. As of November 4th 17 points, has raised to $570 thousand. Wang Zhiquan believes that the public is the best way to test the market. If this product is good, mass production.

Wang Zhiquan is a serial entrepreneur, was the founder of Kuba Kuba shopping network, after the United States acquired by the king, Zhiquan exit. He founded the textile business park network, attention to product safety formaldehyde free cotton. The introduction of intelligent Anti Snore pillow is that big park network hardware products comprehensive transformation. He responded to Sina Technology and other media, big park network and will not do a comprehensive intelligent hardware products, but there may be smart home products".

big park network

in the future will not completely toward the field of hardware

to do a Home Furnishing electricity supplier, why do intelligent snore stop pillow


Wang Zhiquan pointed out that the big park network as a household brand, the scene that is the product, we have a bedroom product thinking, decided to do a comfortable pillow. After investigation found that the existence of sleep

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