Only this day! 11.11 glory route $158 net Thanksgiving

11.11 orders not even when?

5X conference earlier glory play glory President Zhao Ming promised, glory will be held this month to February 2016 to the glory of fans feedback is estimated to reach 1 billion yuan "year-end bonus", in 11.11, 12.12 and the Spring Festival and other festivals in envelopes and other forms of feedback to consumers. And this year’s 11.11 will undoubtedly be a considerable strength of the feedback process. The glory, to prepare for the next 200 million heroic red, 1 yuan accessories and other attractive promotions, so many fans hooked glory. In this one, straight down 30 yuan / Taiwan glory route is compelling. Official news shows that the glory of the route will be 158 yuan preferential price in the HUAWEI mall, Jingdong mall and Tmall flagship store and other platforms day sale. Users simply log on the above electronic business platform, search glory route, you can buy directly. Real price red, no restrictions on the use of. Such an attractive opportunity, how can I miss




there is no doubt that the Nordic minimalist design as well as strong and stable performance of the performance of the glory of the glory of the user’s reputation routing. In the premise of not sacrificing any performance, the glory of the routing design of built-in antenna, circuit board, antenna, CPU, and so a series of parts are hidden in a 9cm× 9cm× 9cm compact cube. Whether it is the first listing of ceramic white color, or the recent listing of elegant black version, can be called classic. Wireless appearance is to break the user for the traditional routing of multiple antennas, rigid dust filled with the inherent impression, whether it is placed on the desk or TV cabinet with a great sense of decoration.


The glory of

routing relying on HUAWEI communication industry in twenty years of strong technical accumulation and quality assurance, and compared with the price of products a competitive product configuration, get up to 95% of the users in the Jingdong platform. Cortex-A9 dual core processor architecture, the core frequency of 1GHz, the performance of many products with the same price more than doubled. Independent Wi-Fi engine, can rapid processing of Wi-Fi data flow, reducing the load of CPU in high-speed Wi-Fi transmission, so that the overall performance is more stable, at the same time in a multi terminal, multi tasking will ensure the high speed data transmission.


not only that, the unique route of the glory of distributed Wi-Fi solutions, but also for many large Huxing and villas users to provide an excellent solution. Double route key expansion can be achieved 300 square meters of Wi-Fi coverage, for larger units, but also can be extended to more than two products.


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