From the user experience and the market conversion problem that a bowl of noodles

today at noon, the habit of going downstairs "foraging". Recently a Hand-Pulled Noodle museum near the company I often eat noodles, in fact, before the Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum opened, there is also a Hand-Pulled Noodle museum. And now the difference is that now the Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum area is two times larger than before, the decoration is much better than before, a good environment. Some people may ask, user experience and market conversion with you that Hand-Pulled Noodle what? In all things, and you listen to me. Before eating noodles, I have not thought about, go today, I found a little wrong before, but did not mention the issue of occupational sensitivity to remember.

we first look at the store before the store and the new layout of the general layout:

first analyze the difference between the two users from the perspective of the user experience:

(Figure 1) we can see the customer door in position, the position at the door to buy lunch (there hung for many brands, point of purchase), but as I looked at the brand customers, do not feel a thing, it is just the writing which face how much money, no rest. After buying tickets, walk about ten meters to 3 to counter staff, and all the dishes are in the position, and then look for a seat in the position, my seat is a yellow circle position today.

(Figure two) at this point, the old has removed the shop to meet the user experience than the new shop, after the door directly to the position, order dishes all in the position, then the number and the position checkout, No. seat dinner, then eat out, the customer is go, eat the whole all the steps from the inside out, eating out directly.

we can see that the diners in (Figure 1) to consider taking a lot of paths, directionality and not clear, and (Figure two) of which, the purpose of the customer is very clear, but also to reduce the path of choice for customers to walk. Besides, (Figure 1) is in the customer did not see the dish under the condition of the first payment, (Figure two) is watching the dish in the customer, after ordering case payment here (Figure 1) and give users a good experience, that is when I to 3 take the position of food, I see how do I want to eat other food? This topic we later time.

said that some people would say, (Figure 1) large store area, (Figure two) area is small, of course, good planning. So we can’t do that, see (Figure three):

The difference between

(Figure three) and (Fig. 1) is:

External mirror

1, left the door to move, you can open the door to go straight to the position of

2, and then place the payment in the position next to the

users can buy directly to the location of the door, and then the position for the position for payment. Less than (Figure 1) on path selection. And this change, we have to talk about another problem has a great impact, that is, the user’s market conversion rate.

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